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Ben Carson: White House Wanted Apology For “Offending” Obama

Last year, Ben Carson delivered a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with the President sitting nearby. As I noted then, his speech was filled with biblical wisdom, and was a model for how to present a gentle, well-reasoned rebuke … Continue reading

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China: Waxing Nostalgic For Hardship, Death, Destruction, And Personal Betrayal

When we first came to China in 2000, we lived in the northeast, the heartland of what used to be called Manchuria. While most Americans find it difficult if not impossible to travel to North Korea, we knew several Chinese … Continue reading

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Jesus More Popular Than Mao On China’s Social Media

According to a survey reported on by Foreign Policy, God, Jesus, the Bible, and other Christian topics show up more often in Weibo search results in China, than do topics related to communist leaders and the Chinese Communist Party. (Weibo … Continue reading

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Sure, Romney Was Right About A Lot of Things–So What?

One common meme on Twitter and on conservative blogs nowadays is that Mitt Romney was right about many things during the 2012 election campaign, while Obama, the Democrats, or the MSM were wrong. (The latest posting in that vein can … Continue reading

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