Graphic Of The Year: The Price Of Hamas’ Tunnels

The price of Hamas tunnelsSay what you will about the Israeli response to Hamas and the attack on Gaza, there is is still something very, very wrong when the elected leaders of a people prioritize building terrorist tunnels to attack their neighbors over feeding and taking care of their own people.

(H/t Ron Dermer)

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Bob Hope: Zombies And Democrats


(H/t Ted Cruz)

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Ronald Reagan Punches Out James Dean

These are highlights from the live CBS broadcast of “The Dark, Dark Hours”, from December 12, 1954. The punch comes near the end of the video.

Apart from mumbling too much and at times overacting, Dean does a creditable job. Meanwhile, Reagan essentially plays himself. He was certainly a better politician than he was an actor.

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“The Last Thing On My Mind”–2Wallace 1Knott Cover

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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Any questions?

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The Cultural Divide And Elizabeth Warren

We thought Lena Dunham’s ad for Barack Obama in 2012 was one of the worst ever, but we were wrong: It was a work of pure genius, and may have even won Obama the election. The tragic truth is that there is a cultural divide in the US, between those who were taught the difference between right and and wrong, between quality and dreck, and who actually received an education at school, and those who grew up indoctrinated by the leftist schoolteachers such as Elizabeth Warren along with the mass media, who have warped values, no knowledge of the world, no taste, and no clue.

Thus we have Elizabeth Warren’s new ad. Watch and weep. This woman may be the next president of the US.

(H/t Hit and Run)

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The Video That Has North Korea Frothing At The Mouth–Kim Jong-un Dancing

According to Chosun Ilbo, this Chinese video of Kim Jong-un dancing to a techno-pop song has infuriated North Korea, because it somehow “seriously compromises Kim’s dignity and authority”.  We are unsure what dignity or true authority he has, given that his is an illegal gangster government, but this is what they said. Consequently, the North Koreans have demanded that the Chinese stop the spread of this slanderous western propaganda film designed explicitly to undermine the government of North Korea video mocking their Dear Leader. We are entirely unsure what North Korea will do if the Chinese do not comply, or how the Chinese government could ban the video from foreign websites such as Youtube, even if it wanted to (it does not have that power quite yet).

At the risk if starting a major international incident that could lead to war, here is the video in full. It has plenty of good dance moves, along with some kung fu fighting, and a pig. Barack Obama, Osama Bin Laden, and other world leaders play a major part in the video, along with Japanese leader Shinzo Abe, who from the video appears to be the only leader in the world more inept than Kim Jong-Un.

(H/t Shanghaiist)

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