A “Personal” Email From Mitt Romney

Here is a screenshot of a portion of a “personal” email I just received from Mitt Romney:

Romney email

This is fascinating on so many levels.

First of all, how did he get my email address? I work fairly hard to keep my email addresses off mailing lists, and have been quite successful thus far. Certainly, I have never signed up for anything related to Mitt Romney.

Second, when I click on the links or look at the return address, I see that it is not really from Mitt Romney at all. It is from the National Republican Congressional Committee. Now, I am all in favor of the Republicans gaining control over both chambers of Congress, but anyone who knows me or has even spent one second reading my blog would know that I have no intention of sending one dime to the Republicans, for any purpose–it is part of what is wrong in the US. If something is not part of the solution, it is part of the problem, and the GOP is definitely part of the problem. People who have money and wish to donate it should send it directly to the campaign of the candidates of their choice. It certainly should not go to the Republican Party.

At the same time, Mitt Romney has enough money to fund all of these congressional races himself. Yet, when he last ran for president, he did not spend one dime of his own money on his own campaign. Given that right now I have serious concerns as to how my family will eat next week, it is kind of galling to get a letter from a multimillionaire begging for money, when he himself is not willing to put his money where his mouth is when all is on the line. If he is so worried about Obama and his agenda, he should have gone all in back in 2012, and run a better campaign.

So, no. I’m not interested in donating $45 to the Republicans, and find it less likely that I would ever donate to them after receiving this unsolicited email.

If they want to win elections, they need to support better candidates, and stop sabotaging the candidacies of people who represent new ideas and new blood.

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Why Punctuation Matters

hunters please use caution when hunting pedestrians(H/t Mashable)

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Barack Obama Is So Cool

Yes, Barack Obama is so cool. I mean, like, he’s black, you know, and I’m so proud that America has a black president, and he’s so cool, and we are all so cool for electing him, and everyone is cool just because we like Barack Obama and he’s cool.

And Barack Obama is so cool because he likes children.

In fact, he’s cool because he was once a child himself.

And he is cool because he likes the snow.

And he likes the rain too.

Oh, my gosh! I can’t believe how cool he is!

He also likes his wife.

Now how cool is that! (She’s cool too. In fact, here’s her cool page to prove it.)

And he fist bumps janitors and service people.

And he’s cool because he likes to dance. (The other guy couldn’t do that.)

And of course he is into all kinds of sports. (I bet the other guy couldn’t do that either!)

He’s so cool, that I can’t imagine why some people don’t support him. It must be because he’s cool and black. They are just racist haters. That’s all there is to it. True, the world is in flames and America is being turned into a run-down trailer park, but it is an unprecedented achievement for America to have a black president, who is so cool. And we are so cool for having elected him.

In fact, I feel cool just talking about how cool he is.

(To be clear, this would be satire if it were not for the fact that such a webpage already exists. That any mature adult–whether a supporter of Obama or not–would think that any of these things makes a person cool, or that any of this matters one whit when it comes to policy and the welfare of the American people, is a sign of the dry rot that is eating at the American soul.)

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The Obamas’ 9/11 Tribute

From the first lady’s Twitter stream:

As in “kaboom”.

At this point, it is no longer just an issue of optics. The issue is that the president and first lady are educated idiots.

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“Heard It Through The Grapevine”–Marvin Gaye A Capella Version

Someone was able to isolate the vocal of Marvin Gaye singing “I Hear It Through The Grapevine” from the other tracks. They then paired it with one of his TV performances.  The result is absolutely bone-chilling. This man could sing.

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What Can One Dollar Buy Around The World?

What can one dollar buy around the world?(H/t The Blaze)

In my neighborhood in Japan, one dollar can buy 5 ounces of raw pasta, about 2 ounces of raw rice, a bottle of water, 1/4 cup of coffee, or a small candy bar.

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No, I’m Not Sorry for Supporting the Invasion of Iraq

David French has a powerful post regarding his support for the second Iraq War. It should be read in full, but here is the key section:

Earlier this week, progressive Christian writer Jonathan Merritt called me out by name as an Evangelical supporter of the war in Iraq, claiming that people like me share the blame for persecution of Iraq’s Christians, noting (correctly) that Iraq’s Christians suffered during the Iraq War (as did all Iraqis), then claiming I should be “pleading for forgiveness.”
I’m not sorry that I advocated that America destroy a regime that committed mass murder, harbored terrorists, invaded its neighbors, funded jihad against Israel, shot daily at American pilots, tried to kill an American president, and was diligently working to rebuild its once-massive stocks of chemical weapons.
I’m not sorry that we fought long and hard — both against the regime (initially) and the insurgency (later) — to not just defeat our enemy but to replace it with a more humane, more stable government.
I’m not sorry that while we fought we made every effort — even at the cost of American lives — to protect and safeguard the population even as we confronted an enemy who wanted nothing more than to increase the civilian body count in the most gruesome ways possible.
In fact, I’m proud of what we were building, not a perfect state, to be sure, but a place that was — while we were still there — proving to be more peaceful, more prosperous, and more free than Saddam’s broken, murderous, kleptocratic tyranny.
I’m proud that every single year of the war enough Americans believed in this mission that an all-volunteer force sustained a long fight, and sustains our fight in Afghanistan to this day.
I’m not “pleading for forgiveness,” but I am angry — angry that we were not permitted to preserve our hard-won victories and protect the people we’d sacrificed so much to save. Yes, Christians suffered during the war, but we did everything we could to stop that suffering, and the suffering of all of Iraq’s people. Had an American force stayed behind, we would not see ISIS in control of Mosul. We would not see the Peshmerga retreating for lack of ammunition. We would not see a new Caliphate emerging from the ruin of two countries. It really is that simple.

This is exactly right.

Earlier, some people had called me out for saying that I was ashamed of America because of its policy of neglecting Iraq. They made the claim that America should be absolved of all blame, as the policy was Obama’s, and not America’s.

This is ridiculous. If we can be proud of our country because of the actions of our president, then we can and should be ashamed of our country because of his inaction. Americans elected Obama, not once, but twice, and even today his policies towards Iraq are receiving wide support among the political class, the press, and the the population at large. One cannot say that we should be ashamed of Obama, but proud of our country. If we tolerate him and allow him to do what he has done, then we share the same guilt. If it can be rightly said that Obama has blood on his hands because of the deaths of innocent people in Iraq, then America also has blood on its hands.

So, yes, I am proud of the invasion of Iraq, but I find that America has now become a disgrace, and I feel so very, very ashamed of my country, because it has refused to take responsibility for a crisis that it has caused through its policy of abandonment and betrayal.

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