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Bobby Jindal: “America Didn’t Create Religious Liberty–Religious Liberty Created America” (Video)

Bobby Jindal’s comments on religious liberty come late in the video. He says in part: I think religious liberty is at threat in this country … I think that, from the President’s perspective … it’s almost that he views that … Continue reading

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No Applause After Obama’s Sad, Tired Speech In The Netherlands (Video)

It is hard to believe that in less than seven years, Obama has gone from this: To this: While there is little doubt that the people of Europe still find Obama likeable enough, in the end he comes across as … Continue reading

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Barack Obama–The World-Famous Bear Trainer

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What Happens When A Political Messiah Fails?

In the Weekly Standard, professor James W. Ceaser of the University of Virginia has an excellent piece on messianism, cognitive dissonance, and the coping mechanism true believers use when they discover that they have been hoodwinked. He explains that there … Continue reading

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