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Is It A Sin To Support A Pro-Abortion Candidate?

Note that I am not a Catholic, but this post on Biltrix really struck a chord with me. A Catholic believer asked if it was a mortal sin to support a candidate who was pro-abortion. The point about it being … Continue reading

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“Democrat Men For Romney” (Video)

The Obama campaign has now released a video called “Republican Women For Obama“, purporting to feature women who have been lifelong Republicans but who have just now come to their senses and realized that the Republican Party is evil. True … Continue reading

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Abortionist: “Ugly Black Babies” A Drain On Taxpayers (Video)

The abortion industry had its origins not in the women’s movement, but in the progressivist eugenics movement of the early 19th century. And, as much as it still tries to pretend that abortion is a women’s issue, sometimes the mask … Continue reading

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Federal Prisoner Nabs 40% of Early Vote Against Obama in West Virginia Primary

According to the Charleston Gazette, Keith Judd, of the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas, now has about 40% of the vote in the West Virginia Democratic presidential primary. He trails Barack Obama, 90,452 votes to 60,496, Sadly, since most … Continue reading

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