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You Can Elect A Dem To Office, But You Can’t Make Him Spell

Anyone can make typos and spelling mistakes, but only an idiot would post a sign without having proofread it. Thus, Senate Democrats posted this sign at their press conference today, where they announced that they were eliminating the filibuster: This … Continue reading

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Florida University Student Suspended For Refusing To Stomp On The Name Of Jesus

I have been very busy recently with other projects, so I have not had much time for blogging, but this news story was simply to outlandish to ignore. A student at Florida Atlantic University lodged a complaint against a teacher … Continue reading

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CNN: Is Rubio’s Career Over?

This is nothing more than a transparent attempt to Palinize Marco Rubio, because the Democrats rightly perceive him as their biggest threat in 2016: We are not saying that Rubio should or will be the nominee. However, if this is … Continue reading

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ZoNation: MLK Legacy Belongs to the Nation, Not Just Democrats

I’m on a roll this week, offending some longtime readers of this blog. First, by calling out Sandy Hook conspiracy truthers as morons, and now with this: Key point: If states’ rights means more to you than individual God-given rights, … Continue reading

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