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Romney’s Weakness in Red and Purple States

My post the other day about the poll showing Rick Santorum ahead of both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and Obama ahead of Romney, in North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida needs some refinement. If we eliminate the states which … Continue reading

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How Well Would Santorum Do Without Gingrich?

There have been, and will be, increasing calls for Newt Gingrich to drop out of the race, with the assumption that he cannot win the nomination, and that he has been siphoning votes and delegates from Rick Santorum and keeping … Continue reading

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Will Newt Romney Kill The GOP?

Indulge me a bit as we talk about some inside baseball related to the current GOP primary race. Newt Gingrich ran a cash-poor political campaign until December of last year, when a big donor named Sheldon Adelson gave $11 million … Continue reading

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Did Romney Force Elderly Jews, Holocaust Survivors To Eat Non-Kosher Food?

First the accusation was that Mitt Romney eliminated the serving of kosher food in Jewish nursing homes.  Alana Goodman begins this narrative: During the weekend, the New York Post reported that Mitt Romney vetoed a bill to help fund kosher food … Continue reading

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