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Jesus More Popular Than Mao On China’s Social Media

According to a survey reported on by Foreign Policy, God, Jesus, the Bible, and other Christian topics show up more often in Weibo search results in China, than do topics related to communist leaders and the Chinese Communist Party. (Weibo … Continue reading

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Jesus Was Not A Victim

It seems that everyone nowadays wants to reinterpret Jesus to suit their own sensibilities or political agendas, and so many people speculating on what Jesus would look like if he came today imagine him somehow as a homeless wretch, a … Continue reading

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Phil Robertson A Racist? Not So Fast

Yes, I stand with Phil Robertson. Since I was busy at my day job when the controversy erupted, I did not have a chance to weigh in on what was going on at the time (though I was perhaps the … Continue reading

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This Ad Was Deemed Offensive By ESPN (Video)

This ad for Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center was deemed too offensive by ESPN, and so they refused to run it. Yes, Jesus is “a stumbling stone and rock of offense” (Romans 9: 33). However, keep in mind that “He … Continue reading

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