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Barack Obama Is So Cool

Yes, Barack Obama is so cool. I mean, like, he’s black, you know, and I’m so proud that America has a black president, and he’s so cool, and we are all so cool for electing him, and everyone is cool … Continue reading

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No, I’m Not Sorry for Supporting the Invasion of Iraq

David French has a powerful post regarding his support for the second Iraq War. It should be read in full, but here is the key section: Earlier this week, progressive Christian writer Jonathan Merritt called me out by name as an … Continue reading

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The Cultural Divide And Elizabeth Warren

We thought Lena Dunham’s ad for Barack Obama in 2012 was one of the worst ever, but we were wrong: It was a work of pure genius, and may have even won Obama the election. The tragic truth is that … Continue reading

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May 1945: Obama Claims No Military Solution For Crisis In Europe

(Via the archives of the New York Times) In a wide ranging press conference yesterday afternoon, President Obama claimed that despite the recent suicide of Germany’s top leader, he sees no military solution for the conflict in Europe and plans … Continue reading

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Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” Moment

Obama’s legacy: He lost two wars the US had already won. Obama began his presidency apologizing for US behavior around the world. After he leaves the presidency, by all rights he should spend the rest of his life going around … Continue reading

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An Anniversary: Our Most “Liked” Posts In The Last Five Years

A few days ago, we listed the ten posts that had gotten the most hits since this blog began five years ago. Of course, web traffic is not always an indicator of value. It is more an indicator of topicality. … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About Ousting Obama, And Never Was

Larry O’Connor makes a great point regarding the fixation many conservatives have on presidential politics: I hear it from half the callers on my talk radio shows. I read it in the comment sections of my favorite blogs. I see … Continue reading

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