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The USA According To Google Autocomplete (Map)

This is what most often comes up for each state when you type in “Why is [state] so…” (H/t Matt Yglesias) Related articles Google Autocomplete Embarrasses Us (and Our States) Again Missouri wants “to secede” according to Google’s autocomplete Google … Continue reading

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Robert Gates Against The World

Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will be releasing his new book, Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War next week, and if advanced reports and excerpts are of any indication, he has little good to say about anyone … Continue reading

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A Map of the 124 United States of America That Could Have Been

This map, created by Andrew Shears, shows what the US would look like if every attempt to secede from a state had been successful. The US would now have 124 states. While Shears makes it clear that this is not … Continue reading

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What’s Good About The Iran Nuclear Deal? (Infographic)

What’s good about the Iran nuclear deal? Nothing. (H/t No Moss Here) Related articles Will’s Take: Iran Will Go Nuclear White House celebrate disaster of a “deal” with Iran Iran’s Nuclear Program – Deal Or No Deal? How Iran Sees … Continue reading

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