Trump Goes Full Democrat on Terror Watch List Gun Purchase Issue

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The brutal numbers behind a very bad month for Donald Trump

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David French: Orlando Aftermath: To Fight the Enemy, Focus on the Enemy

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Nightmare in Workers’ Paradise:

It was the least heralded migration in American history.

At the height of the Depression, several thousand American emigrants left New York on the decks of passenger liners waving goodbye to the Statue of Liberty, bound for Leningrad.

Over 100,000 Americans had applied for jobs working in brand new factories in Soviet Russia, ironically built for Stalin by famous American industrialists such as Henry Ford.

Those American emigrants who entered the “workers’ paradise” were certain that they were leaving the misery of unemployment and poverty behind them. They considered themselves fortunate.

Their optimism would prove to be short-lived. Most were stripped of their American passports soon after their arrival.

Considered suspect by Stalin’s paranoid totalitarian state, the foreigners were swept away in the Terror.

The American jazz clubs, the baseball teams, and the English-language schools set up in cities across the USSR, would quickly vanish with them.

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The title is clickbait, but it is still a good story about modern medical devices, nonetheless: Man Walks Around Without a Heart for 17 Months

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Obama admits that his administration is at fault for Orlando attack: “‘We’ are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre

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A Conman Doesn’t Need To Be Smart To Be Successful

In fact, the conmen I’ve met were borderline retarded in nearly all areas but one: How to lie. In this one area, they were near geniuses.

This is in fact one of their secrets to success. A successful conman is a sociopath who lies without feeling even an ounce of shame or guilt. This is what makes him a good liar. Non-sociopaths (normal people), on the other hand, make terrible liars, and most often fail miserably when they attempt to fool others. A normal person looks at a conman and sees someone who by most measures appears lacking and thus harmless. But in this, the normal person makes the fatal mistake: He assumes that because the conman appears deficient in most areas, the conman is also deficient in the ability to lie. And this simply isn’t true–the conman is a superlative liar. Whether through careful design or through evil instinct, the conman uses the conceit of the normal person to spring his trap.

Donald Trump uses the fact that he appears to be a buffoon (and in fact, is a buffoon) to deceive people into thinking he is harmless. People falsely assume that because he is so transparently awful, he would either be unable to hide his evil, or they would be easily able to spot it. They know that he throws out a lot of crap and says a lot of things that he can’t possibly mean, but they trust their own ability to judge the true designs of his heart, and they have mistakenly judged that he can’t be all that bad, because if he were really evil this evil would be clearly seen. Normal people can’t even imagine how twisted, sick, selfish, and deceptive a man like Trump is, because unlike Trump they aren’t sociopaths.

You trust a man like Trump at your own peril.

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