Strange Days, Indeed

From the American Spectator-the photo says it all:

True, it is just one picture. But who would have thought as little as six months ago that even one member of SEIU would come out in public to support a Republican?

It is an open question as to whether or not Obama is really turning Americans into conservatives. Polls certainly do seem to suggest that conservatism is growing leaps and bounds; yet, one wonders if the people newly identifying themselves as conservative really understand conservatism or are conservatives at heart. It may well be that they have finally identified what they are against, and that this antipathy has motivated them to action, but that they may not be all that keen on everything conservatism has to offer. After all, when we look at what someone like Scott Brown actually stands for, then he is not really that conservative, nor are many of his current supporters. It is really only when we look at what Scott Brown is against that we see an intersection between his beliefs and conservatism.

Obama has caused the country to get a sudden distaste for high taxes, government regulation, health care reform, leftist demagoguery, and liberal arrogance. Does that mean that the country has turned conservative? Not really. It just means that many people are rightfully p.o.’ed.

On the other hand, the ultimate conservative value is to be left alone by the government. By this standard, maybe the whole country really is turning conservative.

Strange days, indeed.

(H/t The Other McCain)

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