My First Cavity Search (a children’s book)

This is dangerously close to inappropriate, but such is the world we now live in:

This picture, apparently from the French (or francophone) blog Mojito, is no doubt meant for humor, but there is really nothing remotely funny about it–in so many levels it is tragic.

We are being targeted by Islamofascists so full of hate and blood lust that they would rather kill themselves than live in a world where we exist. In the face of this, the TSA and the President are engaged in a bit of bureaucratic CYA: It doesn’t matter to them how many people they inconvenience, how foolish they look, or even if there is another attack and hundreds are killed–they just want to avoid blame at the ballot box if America is attacked again. The result: Innocent children are treated like criminals and Americans are humiliated for no good purpose. Meanwhile, an illustrator sees it to find humor in the tragedy by likening it to pedophilia.

Do we shake our heads and give a rueful laugh, do we cry, or do we do something about it? And if we are to do something about the situation, what can (and should) we do? Herein, lies the biggest tragedy of all–we are increasingly in a world without good answers, where as much as we want to turn back the clock and live in the past, we can’t.

Such is the world we face on this Thanksgiving Day, 2010.

(H/t The Looking Spoon)

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3 Responses to My First Cavity Search (a children’s book)

  1. Jamie says:

    It is a horrible thing that we are being abused by our own government. This is simply another instance of social conditioning that will prepare us for the loss of all rights.

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