Top Ten Posts of 2010

While the content of this blog was originally conceived as being a commentary on America, ultimately it reflects my own interests–politics, Christianity, photography, Asia, history, and technology. The top posts of this year therefore typify this. Here are 2010’s top posts in order of popularity:

1 Just a Fetus, or God Given Life?

Some would say that until a baby reaches full-term, it is just a fetus or embryo–words that suggest lifeless tissue. Yet, this child can’t have gone more than thirty weeks into the pregnancy before finding himself outside his mother’s womb. Fetus, embryo, baby, child–no matter what term you use, it is God given life … (cont.)


2 DIY Shotgun Revolver from Taiwan

The newest thing in gang weaponry: A shotgun revolver. Nothing means business more than a handgun that shoots 12-gauge rounds. And to think … in the old days gangs made zip guns out of car antennas. What marvels modern technology has brought us!


3 Sakurajima Volcano Erupts

These photos of Sakurajima Volcano erupting are really quite impressive. I have never seen a photo of thunderbolts within a lava storm before. Somehow, it looks like what I imagine Hell or the Apocalypse to look like … (cont.)


4 Learn Uchinaaguchi Online! (the Okinawa Dialect)

Gusuyo hajimethi wouganabira!

Like many people who have studied Japanese, I have always had an interest in Japanese dialects. Unfortunately, many of the older dialects are dying out and even many Japanese no longer come into much contact with them anymore. This is certainly true of Uchinaaguchi, the dialect of Okinawa, which is why it is a treat to see … (cont.)


5 The World’s Oldest Swiss Army Knife

Everyone knows that the first modern Swiss Army knives were produced in the 1890′s. However, the idea must have been around for much longer than that, because this knife is considerably older. What do you think? Two-hundred years old? Four-hundred years old? Actually, this silver … (cont.)


6 Learning a Dog Not to Suck Eggs–America, Liberalism, and Obama

Back when most Americans lived on farms, one common problem was a farm dog that sucked eggs. That is, the dog would sneak into the hen house and eat the eggs there. Of course, such a dog was literally taking food off the family’s table. Not only would the family be robbed of the eggs, but the care and food given to the laying hens would have gone to waste. Of course, the eggs eaten by the dog could not be sold at the market for much needed cash.
What could they do with such a dog? Well, they could shoot him, but that would … (cont.)


7 A First-Class Temperament

I had not had a chance to report on this until now, and, frankly, I was so astonished by what I read that I wanted to see if there was some confirmation. Yet, it appears to be true: After fawning and kowtowing to the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on his trip to China, when Obama visited Copenhagen during the climate talks, he went into a screaming hissy fit all over the Chinese leader because he was not getting what he wanted … (cont.)


8 The Plots to Kill Hitler–When a Nation Stands at the Crossroads

Rommel and Hitler

Hitler and a friend

This last year saw the release of two movies about plots to assassinate Hitler. Both were in their own ways more fantasy than reality. The first was Valkyrie, and the second was Inglourious Basterds. I have not seen Valkyrie, and in fact, I refuse to do so. It is simply too much of a hurdle for me to believe that Tom Cruise could in any way successfully portray a German war hero such as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. The publicity photo of Tom Cruise with an eye patch looked patently ridiculous , and the release of photos of Cruise and the Count, highly retouched … (cont.)


9 Sarah Palin on the Global Warming Farce

Sarah Palin had this to say on Facebook today:

“Global Warming” – More Like a Snow Job

Over the last few months, and even again today, very unsettling revelations have come to light about the “settled science” of man-made global warming. With all of these shoes dropping you’d think every member of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) would be barefoot by now.

One thing after another keeps popping up to further discredit the theory of man-made global warming. The IPCC’s supposedly definitive report …



10 My First Cavity Search (a children’s book)

My First Cavity SearchThis is dangerously close to inappropriate, but such is the world we now live in. This picture, apparently from the French (or francophone) blog Mojito, is no doubt meant for humor, but there is really nothing remotely funny about it–in so many levels it is tragic. We are being targeted by Islamofascists so full of hate and blood lust that they would rather kill themselves than live in a world where we exist. In the face of this, the TSA and the President are engaged in a bit of bureaucratic CYA … (cont.)

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