Sarah Palin’s Complete Letter to Her Family About Trig

This is one of the e-mails from Sarah Palin dug up during the latest bit of dumpster diving by the press–it is about the upcoming birth of her son, Trig. Yes, going through these e-mails–some of which, like this, are purely personal–is a horrible invasion of privacy. However, there is no use trying to close the barn door after the animals have already left, and since this particular e-mail has been excerpted by many media outlets, under the title, “Sarah Palin Plays God”, it is only fair to print the whole e-mail rather than let people take things out of context.

The e-mail:

To the Sisters, Brother, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Friends of Trig Paxson Van Palin (or whatever you end up naming him!):

I am blessing you with this surprise baby because I only want the best for you. I’ve heard your prayers that this baby will be happy and healthy, and I’ve answered them because I only want the best for you!

I heard your heart when you hinted that another boy would fit best in the Palin family, to round it out and complete that starting five line-up. Though another girl would be so nice, you didn’t think you could ask for what you REALLY wanted, but I knew, so I gave you a boy because I only want the best for you!

Then, I put the idea in your hearts that his name should be “Trig”, because it’s so fitting, with two Norse meanings: “True” and “Brave Victory”. You also have a Bristol Bay relative with that name, so I knew it would be best for you!

Then, I let Trig’s mom have an exceptionally comfortable pregnancy so she could enjoy every minute of it, and I even seemed to rush it along so she could wait until near the end to surprise you with the news – that way Piper wouldn’t have so long to wait and count down so many days – just like Christmastime when you have to wait, impatiently, for that special day to finally open your gift? (Or the way the Palins look forward to birthday celebrations that go on for three, four days… you all really like cake .) I know you, I knew you’d be better off with just a short time to wait!

Then, finally, I let Trig’s mom and dad find out before he was born that this little boy will truly be a GIFT. They were told in early tests that Trig may provide more challenges, and more joy, than what they ever may have imagined or ever asked for. At first the news seemed unreal and sad and confusing . But I gave Trig’ s mom and dad lots of time to think about it because they needed lots of time to understand that everything will be OK, in fact, everything will be great, because I only want the best for you!

I’ve given Trig’s mom and dad peace and joy as they wait to meet their new son. I gave them a happy anticipation because they asked me for that. I’ll give all of you the same happy anticipation and strength to deal with Trig’s challenges, but I won’t impose on you…

I just need to know you want to receive my offer to be with all of you and help you everyday to make Trig’s life a great one.

This new person in your life can help everyone put things in perspective and bind us together and get everyone focused on what really matters . The baby will expand your world and let you see and feel things you haven’t experienced yet. He’ll show you what “true, brave victory” really means as those who love him will think less about self and focus less on what the world tells you is “normal” or “perfect”. You will grow and be blessed with greater understanding that will be born along with Trig.

Trig will be his dad’s little buddy and he’ll wear Carhartts while he learns to tinker in the garage. He’ll love to be read to, he’ll want to play goalie, and he’ll steal his mom’s heart just like Track, Bristol, Willow and Piper did. And Trig will be the cuddly, innocent, mischievous, dependent little brother that his siblings have been waiting for in fact Trig will – in some diagnostic ways – always be a mischievous, dependent little brother, because I created him a bit different than a lot of babies born into this world today.

Every child is created special, with awesome purpose and amazing potential. Children are the most precious and promising ingredient in this mixed up world you live in down there on earth. Trig is no different, except he has one extra chromosome. Doctors call it “Down’s Syndrome”, and Downs kids have challenges, but can bring you much delight and more love than you can ever imagine! Just wait and see, let me prove this, because I only want the best for you!

Some of the rest of the world may not want him, but take comfort in that because the world will not compete for him. Take care of him and he will always be yours!

Trig’s mom and dad don’t want people to focus on the baby’s extra chromosome. They’re human, so they haven’t known how to explain this to people who are so caring and are interested in this new little Alaskan. Sarah and Todd want people to share in the joy of this gift I’m giving to the Palin family, and the greater Alaska family. Many people won’t understand… and I understand that. Some will think Trig should not be allowed to be born because they fear a Downs child won’t be considered “perfect” in your world. (But tell me, what do you earthlings consider “perfect” or even “normal” anyway? Have you peeked down any grocery store isle, or school hallway, or into your office lunchroom lately? Or considered the odd celebrities you celebrate as “perfect” on t.v.? Have you noticed I make `em all shapes and sizes? Believe me ,, there is no “perfect”!)

Many people will express sympathy, but you don’t want or need that, because Trig will be a joy. You will have to trust me on this.

I know it will take time to grasp this and come to accept that I only want the best for you, and I only give my best. Remember though: “My ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts… for as the heavens are higher than the earth, my ways are higher than yours!”

I wrote that all down for you in the Good Book ! Look it up! You claim that you believe me – now it’s time to live out that belief!

Please look to me as this new challenge and chapter of life unfolds in front of you. I promise to equip you. I won’t give you anything you can’t handle. I am answering your prayers. Trig can’t wait to meet you. I’m giving you ONLY THE BEST!


Trig’s Creator , Your Heavenly Father

While it is hard not to feel uncomfortable publishing this, at the same to it is comforting that someone–anyone–so high-placed in the political world and the media thinks that having a child like this is a gift. (E-mail h/t Generational Dysfunction)

Shortly after my fifth child was born, I speculated that the 2012 election would be a battle between those who are single (or who have kids but are trying to maintain a single’s lifestyle), and families. The post can be read in full here. This is an excerpt:

Many of the people living in the media centers of the US are married but nevertheless maintain a single lifestyle, because they make a lot of money and can afford to do so. There are always nannies, au pairs, or women who do not quite speak English to manage the little ones, and if there is not enough money for help, then there is always abortion. These people sacrifice, as well, but not like people with families do. They give up having a normal life for being on the ball 24/7, and hanging out with their friends, because that is where all the deals are made. And when their 1.5 children graduate from that expensive university and finally come home after all of those years away, they return as strangers, sometimes hostile, but certainly not as family.

To compensate, singles try to define family down, and talk about extended or alternative families. In many cases, what these actually amount to are a group of unrelated singles living together, with one or two stray kids hanging around and being treated not much differently than the furniture.

A family, real family, is despised by people living a single’s lifestyle. Real families remind them of everything that they have put on the altar: caring for others, self-sacrifice, patience for a screaming child, and the willingness to live for others. They gave up all of this so that they can have a career, and so that they could freely live as they wanted. They do not want reminders that there might be something different–or better–out there, because they do not want the guilt. After all, the most important thing in their lives is feeling good about themselves.

In many ways, this describes the battleground for 2012. On the one side, there will be upwardly mobile professionals who despise families (for example, they might delay getting a promised family dog for a year, and then run focus groups to decide if they really have to keep the promise to their kids, and polls to see what breed they should get). And on the other, there will be people with families. Nearly every program being put into place by the current administration is anti-family. The only people who can afford this mess are singles or people who have put their careers first. The ones who will suffer most under all these new plans will be children, who will be deprived of some of the hard-earned income their parents are providing, and parents, who will see the inheritance they struggled to pass on to their kids frittered away. Yet, the media supports this new agenda, and will keep on supporting it, because it is an agenda that suits their lifestyle and culture.

This is also why the media and the political elite want to see Palin destroyed. It is not her words or policies–in many ways she is actually quite moderate. Rather, it was her choice to have children, especially her choice to have a child with Down’s syndrome. This choice strikes at the very core of what they are about. If she had had an abortion, she would have no doubt been offered a cabinet post or an ambassadorship by Obama. The press would adore her. But she did not have an abortion. For this reason, her accomplishments are belittled, and she and her child are mocked.

My wife was in her forties when she had our last child, less than a month ago. By all logic, the child could have had Down’s syndrome or some other birth defect. However, there are no signs of any abnormality at present. While I count us fortunate to have had a child with no obvious problems, I count us nearly as fortunate and blessed merely to have had a child at all. And if the child had had a birth defect, my wife would not have had an abortion, but would have counted herself blessed to have born a child. And if my wife’s life had been in immediate, dire danger, she would not have had an abortion, but would have counted herself blessed to have born a child. This was her choice.

So there is a part of me, when I hear some of the things said about Palin and her baby, which wants to rise up and say, “Who’s baby do you want to kill? Mine? Why do you hate my child?” Because after all, these are just babies who have done very little in their short lives. When these people curse one baby, they curse them all.

And I won’t have anyone curse my child.

I still believe this is true: The people who hate Palin most are by and large all either single, or are people who have put their careers before their families and are living a single’s lifestyle. The 2012 election in many ways is a battle between those who have stored up their treasures on earth and followed after selfish ambition–those who curse babies–and those who have stored up treasures in the human heart, and see babies–and life in general–as a gift.

What we are seeing with the reaction towards Palin is as much a test of people’s personal priorities as a measure of their political views. This is why even some conservatives hate her, and why she has to win.

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  1. loopyloo305 says:

    If you don’t mind I am going to link this post to mine, I wrote on the same subject this morning! Thank you!

  2. loopyloo305 says:

    I think you are right about a lot of the people that hate Sarah. It’s amazing isn’t it?

  3. wdednh says:

    Just wanted to add that this is a great blog with great work involved in it , thank you :)

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