No, I’m Not a Democrat

An earlier post apparently caused some people to think I had gone over to the dark side, because of its title (“Why I’m a Democrat”). My apologies. I am not and never have been a member of the Democratic Party or any of its various front organizations. The title was in reference to the video in the post, which was a parody (?) of a video where some people proudly describe why they are Democrats. Apparently, they view the Democratic Party as a sort of crutch, much like heroin or porn addiction.

At least one person in my family–my daughter–thinks that I write great posts, but often give them terrible titles. When even your family starts to turn on you, you know that you have a problem. So, yes, the post should have been titled something else. I just have a habit of thinking that people will read the whole thing and not just stop at the title, so I often don’t give much attention to what I call my posts.

And I do like yanking people’s chains to see if I can get a reaction.

Surely, there is a twelve-steps program out there for people like me.

To be clear, I firmly believe that with voluntary groups like the Democratic Party, history and roots are everything. I would never join a group which embraced racism or tyranny, and the Democratic Party is historically the party of slavery and Jim Crow. In the late 1970’s, the Democratic Party embraced a new tyranny–abortion. Even if I agreed with the Democratic Party on every other issue, I could never be a part of it because it has become the party of death.

While in the past there were Democrat leaders–men such as Kennedy, LBJ, Carter, and even to some extent Clinton–who at least cared about their country and tried to do the best, despite their many flaws, I do not see any people in the current Democratic leadership who care about anything but partisan politics and winning the next election. The last good man in the Democratic Party was Patrick Moynihan, and he died in 2003. Something has become dreadfully wrong within the Democratic Party–it is not the Party that it once was. Perhaps their adoption of abortion is the root–it takes a morally reprehensible person to accept abortion, and so the Democratic Party has in every way become morally reprehensible.

During the Bush administration, the Democratic Party stooped to new lows in partisan devilry. No lie was too absurd. No charge too despicable. They had one single focus–to destroy a good man so that they could reap a political reward. If they had to destroy their country in the process, so be it. Anything to win the election. Obama was in the very center of this despicable behavior when he came to the Senate. This kind of behavior was and is an unforgivable assault against the United States as a country.

My own wish is not just for the Democrats to lose the next election, but for the Democratic Party to cease to exist. It does not even deserve to be an opposition party. If anyone honestly believes the horse manure the Democratic Party has been shoveling, and honestly believes that it is for the good of the country, then let them form a new party based on integrity and principles, rather than on partisan poison and selfish ambition. This would be more honorable and healthier for the American political situation than what we have now.

The Democratic Party needs to be defeated, disbanded, and in every way dishonored and despised by the American people. Only then can our country be made whole again.

This is my hope and dream for the 2012 elections.

And if the Republican Party is not up to the challenge of driving a stake through the heart of this beast, because it also has become so compromised and corrupt, then it does not deserve to live through the 2012 elections either.

It is time for a change.

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5 Responses to No, I’m Not a Democrat

  1. “And if the Republican Party is not up to the challenge of driving a stake through the heart of this beast, because it also has become so compromised and corrupt, then it does not deserve to live through the 2012 elections either.”

    IMO, the conservatives either take firm control of the Republican Party in 2012 or our country is doomed. The liberals/progressives have done a very good job for a number of years of electing people who represent their views. The conservatives have not done a very good job of electing people who represent their views. We did better in 2010, We hopefully will do much better in 2012.

    • Mark Fox says:

      It is always the next election where conservatives need to take control of the Republican Party. Given that the House Tea Party Republicans by and large voted to raise the debt ceiling, I’d say that such a thing will not happen in any election cycle. As long as we continue to fall back on the Republican party, we will continue to see the Federal government expand and crush our freedoms.

      • John Scotus says:

        Mark, the kind of change you are looking for takes time. It is not enough for “good” leaders to get put in charge of the GOP–as none of them are really good. Good people have to get involved in the political process. This has not happened in the past in the GOP–the rank and file has relied too much upon party leaders and their promises. In 2010 that began to change, as many people who had not been politicians ran for office and won. So far, these newcomers have done fairly well. You may complain about raising the debt ceiling, but imagine where the GOP would be right now without those freshman representatives! In 2012 more newcomers have to run and win. The old guard must be swept away. This is exactly what I see happening. If the GOP leadership stands in the way or rigs things so that the old guard somehow manages to stay in power or get their man (Romney) elected, the GOP will certainly splinter.
        Since you are so concerned about this, why don’t you run for office?

    • John Scotus says:

      Conservatives on Fire, I cannot see the GOP living past another election defeat. Can you? As far as the country goes, it is much more resilient than you give it credit, though it is amazing how much a place can change in such a short time. Personally, I think that by the time 2012 rolls around, the Democrats will have made themselves so unwelcome that they will not have a chance in hell of winning an election for any position anywhere in America, including local dog catcher. That’s what I’m banking on anyway. The thing is, I don’t want to see a return to the Gingrich era, where the conservatives get their people in positions of power in Washington, and then get stabbed in the back. We also do not need another “conservative” in power like DeLay. If you read up on the backroom deals and shenanigans that were being pulled by these men, you see that they were just as bad as the people they kicked out. A pox on all of them. The Democratic Party needs to die, and the GOP needs to get its house in order.

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