Newsweek Confirms that it is a Third-Rate Rag Which Deserves Bankruptcy

Michele Bachmann Newsweek coverThis is the cover of the latest Newsweek. While Michele Bachmann has no control over the headlines or caption, how did this photo slip past her and her team? This looks like a photo she sat for, so surely she had the right of approval.

On the other hand, some people have suggested that the photo has been “enhanced”. While I do not see evidence of this (no smoking gun yet), if Newsweek was willing to run such a photo, then they were surely willing to use Photoshop to make it look worse.

As for Newsweek, well it is no longer a news magazine–it is nothing more than a pulp rag. They failed to add glowing-red eyes and bloody fangs to the photo, but otherwise the demonization is complete. What the editors of Newsweek do not seem to understand is that they are only demeaning and devaluing themselves. At this rate, the only way they will be able to keep readers will be through pictorials of lesbian mud-wrestlers and by offering free personal ads for swingers–not that this would be all that much different from their current content.

(H/t TheHenry)

The photos were indeed from a photoshoot that Bachmann did for the article. The photographer, Christopher Buck, has a good reputation, which might be why Backmann agreed to the photos. Newsweek just happened to choose the worst photo of the bunch. Here are some other photos from the same shoot. Frankly, given the apparent reputation of the photographer, he should be upset as well.

(H/t The Corner)

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4 Responses to Newsweek Confirms that it is a Third-Rate Rag Which Deserves Bankruptcy

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  2. I have zero expertise in this area but it looks to me like they di a “freeze frame” from a video of Bachmann.

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