Sarah Palin: Obama “Just Seems so Extremely Absent from the Reality that the Rest of us are Facing”

Here is Sarah Palin’s most recent interview on Greta van Susteren:

Some quotes:

It all has to do with government–[Obama’s] idea that government is the answer–when it’s proven, in these last two-and-a-half-years, that government is not the answer. Too often, it is the problem.

I betcha today [Democrats] are saying, “We should have gone with Hillary Clinton!”

Let’s get out there and be bold with our own initiatives and … pull ourselves up by the bootstraps just like Americans used to do. Ignore the problems in Washington. Let’s take care of it ourselves. And then, let’s hope that soon we do have elected officials who will come in and get government out of the way, so that the private sector can do what it does best and stimulate the economy.

This video has been a point of contention because, in it, Sarah Palin came out in support of Orinn Hatch. Consequently, Twitter was all atwitter with Palin’s “betrayal” of the Tea Party, and more than one pundit wrote articles against her.

Here is Mark Levin’s take on the whole kerfuffle:

So now this nobody trashes Sarah Palin as going establishment Republican for, among other things, saying that Orrin Hatch should not be dissed by conservatives?
Sarah Palin Goes Native
Now, I have endorsed Hatch.  His opponent, Jason Chaffetz, has an extremely thin record.  Prior to serving the last 31 months in the House, he served as Jon Huntsman’s state-wide campaign director and then his chief-of-staff.  When I endorsed Hatch, Chaffetz called me to try to convince me to reverse course.  But after I spoke to him, he could not point to any evidence of his conservative credentials apart from his votes in Congress.  Prior to that, I can find no conservative movement or Tea Party credentials.  And I told him so.  I think Chaffetz has been a very solid member of Congress.  I support him for re-election.  He has earned it.  But beyond his 31 months in the House, his record is very recent, and I am not prepared to support his potential primary candidacy over Hatch.  Despite some of Hatch’s votes, his overall record is very solid, and he was a crucial senator throughout the Reagan years.  And if we are to measure the last 31 months, thereby comparing Hatch with Chaffetz head to head, Hatch has been every bit as solid as Chaffetz. Moreover, Hatch has been a leader on the balanced budget issue for decades, while Chaffetz was working on the Dukakis campaign in college.  So, yes, I have some disagreements with parts of Hatch’s record, but overall, it is a good conservative record.  He is no Dick Lugar, et al.
Back to the point, however.  I have no idea who Leon H. Wolf is, nor do I care, but he posts on RedState, a website I respect.  People are free to advocate for whomever they wish.  But Wolf’s post is pathetic.  If advocates for other candidates, perhaps Rick Perry in this case, think that by trashing solid conservatives like Palin will score points, as Karl Rove is now trashing Perry, it will not work.  I saw Palin at Tea Party event after Tea Party event.  I saw her breaking her back to help defeat liberal Democrats and RINOs in the last election.  I don’t know where Leon was, or if it mattered.  But we all know she is detested by the GOP establishment.

(H/t Texans for Sarah Palin)

The greatest threat the GOP faces in the next election is mugwumpery. This is where a handful of people make themselves judges over someone else’s political purity, and decide that it is not enough for someone to have fought in the trenches by their side, suffered great hardship on their behalf, and agreed with them 99.9% of the time. Mugwumps want 100% agreement and absolutely no compromises. They would rather throw in the towel and get nothing than to agree to a compromise where they only have to give in on 1% of an issue while the other side gives up 99%. And if they cannot get all of what they want, they would just as soon let the other guy win.

In a nutshell, Mugwumps want their candidates to be demagogues who will only say what tickles their ears. Of course, demagogues just play Mugwumps for fools. ‘Tis true, and will always be so.

Sarah Palin has been in the trenches and has endured great sacrifices for her beliefs and who she represents–the average American who wants common sense restored to our country. If someone has a serious point of disagreement, let them speak. However, people who would turn on her because she is not the demagogue they want her to be are pathetic and unworthy of the political process and of candidates such as her. They need to get with the program and stop being Mugwumps.

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9 Responses to Sarah Palin: Obama “Just Seems so Extremely Absent from the Reality that the Rest of us are Facing”

  1. Preach it brother, I am one of Palins biggest fans
    John Wilder

  2. Anther excellent post, John. Your point on the mugwump attitude is well taken. Debate about the candidates is healthy. If I had my druthers, our candidate would be Palin. I have a number of issues with Perry, but if he wins the nomination, I will support him. I could say the same about Paul and Bachmann. If Romney should win the nomination, that will be a pill that I will find difficult to swallow. I see Romney as a left of center Democrat. In the end,I suppose I would have to vote for him as the lessor of two evils.

  3. lizp4 says:

    If people haven’t had the opportunity, now would be an excellent time to examine Gov. Palin’s time in office. She accomplished every one of her campaign promises, and then some. Don’t let the “she’s a quitter” meme shut you up. Find out the real facts about her resignation, and see that she made a sacrificial choice for the sake of the citizens of Alaska.

  4. CognitiveDissonance says:

    You know, I saw that interview with Greta and I never got the impression she was out and out supporting Hatch. She was basically supporting his fight for the Balanced Budget Amendment. Just because she agrees with that part of his record does NOT mean she is backing and supporting all of his record.

  5. Bill589 says:

    Sarah gets the biggest crowds, and the most comments on news sites –

    Because she quit fighting? No.
    Because she is defeated? No.
    Because she is irrelevant? No.

    Because she motivates patriots and scares the cr*p out of socialists? Yep. That’s the one.

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