Rick Perry Cut Sarah Palin Off in 2008

This is a rather shocking–and revealing–blast from the past. Shortly after the the 2008 election, Sarah Palin was invited to take questions at the Republican Governors Conference. Jack Thompson of Human Events describes the scene:

The Republican Governors Conference Press Guidelines promised that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would “take approximately 20 minutes of questions” at today’s morning press conference. Instead, this press conference, attended by 150 local and national media and taped by 26 video cameras, disintegrated into a fiasco when Texas Governor Rick Perry shut it down after only five minutes and four questions.
Eight other governors assembled on the stage, all men, seemed visibly uncomfortable with the “Palin at center stage” format. When Perry stepped in front of Palin at the podium to announce it was over just as it was getting started, Palin looked irritated, and the media shouted, “You’ve got to be kidding,” “This is ridiculous,” “Come on,” and “We were promised more questions.”
Forty minutes later, at a larger gathering attended by most the seventeen governors at the Conference, Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard may have given the reason why Palin was reined in: envy. Said Kristol, “This is not the Republican Governors Association. This is really the Republican Presidential Candidates Association.”

Here is a video of the press conference. While it is impossible to tell exactly what went on between Perry and Palin, it is obvious that Perry was displeased with Palin being on the stage, and that Palin was visibly uncomfortable by what transpired.

Apart from Rick Perry, Hailey Barbour, Tim Pawlenty, Mark Sanford, Charlie Crist, Bobby Jindal, and Jon Huntsman were all at the conference. All of these men have either thrown their hats into the ring for 2012, or made it clear that they were interested in running, but have since dropped out of the race.

While the press conference was supposed to feature only Palin and was advertised as such, the decision to shorten the press conference to five minutes and to have the other governors on stage was made two hours prior to the press conference by the other governors, minus Crist. Rick Perry was the chair of the meeting, so he must take a large part of the blame for what happened.

Yes, this was a small incident, but small incidents can reveal people’s hearts. It is clear that these men did not want Palin to have any part of the limelight and were embarrassed by her presence. It was her first chance to defend herself and to finally talk about her vision for America without having McCain’s mindless drones shutting her off. However, this chance was stolen from her by a group of men who wanted to keep her on the trash heap of history because she got in the way of their ambitions.

While Palin has handled her relations with Perry with grace, it seems that she has much less reason to support Perry than his minions would have us to believe, and that his own ambitions for 2012 were present long before he announced last month.

It is true that Palin supported Perry in his reelection bid the last cycle. However, he was the most conservative, viable candidate, and she was doing her job to try to give conservatives some sort of unity. There is no reason for Palin to publicly antagonize Perry, or vice versa, and such public antagonism would be counterproductive. This is not the same as saying that they are close friends, or that either would want the other to be president if there was another choice.

(H/t Tony Lee via Texans for Palin)

I never in a million years thought I would say this, but thank you Andrew Sullivan for linking to this article. It is always such a blessing when small blogs get linked to by big bloggers.

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24 Responses to Rick Perry Cut Sarah Palin Off in 2008

  1. Takes the shine off of Perry now doesn’t it?
    John Wilder

  2. I was pleasantly surprised when I read the comments under BreitbartTV’s story yesterday. The one where Boehner & Biden were caught on a live mic prior to O-blame-a’s chanting ‘Pass this bill… Pass the buck, Now!’ over and over again. As if schizophrenic with his head rocking and bobbing to unheard music. It wasn’t the aforementioned politicians actions, but the viewers comments below the clip that garnered my admiration. Biden started off w/ something somewhat constructive like… ‘We got some work ahead of us…’ before Boehner clumsily cut him off, drawing on a cookie cutter golf story he must have tucked away for just such and occasion. No-doubt he has pandered this story before and now they all know him a fraud. Dohh, this card has been played. http://www.breitbart.tv/im-one-of-those-barbarians-boehner-greeting-biden-caught-on-live-mic/ Hindsight allows us to see Perry true intentions here.

    It was disturbing for me to see these arch enemies who minutes before were calling each other ‘terrorists’ or ‘class warfare peddlers’ only to see how cozy they get when they think nobody is listening. This passion we see so often in our elected officials is nothing but indulging us lemmings? Have they such a low opinion of us? Please keep me in the dark, at least I don’t get so much dirt on me that way. I think this relates to Perry’s actions here in just how disingenuous and opportunistic he is. It boils down to him not being trustworthy and more importantly, me being aware of it. Lets be honest, most of whom reach Boehner/Biden’s plateau’s in Govt have to be duplicitous, if not flat out liars, but ‘knowing’ for sure that somebody IS… affects how I will vote. This story shows that Palin could be one of the good ones, while casting doubt that Perry is. For all I know he never was or will be. I’m still learning about him but with stories like this, I can’t just turn the other cheek in my head/calculator unless all other candidates suddenly self destruct.

    The bottom line here is that in my mind; the ‘15% congressional approval rating’ statistic is accurate. As far as I’m concerned, 85% of all politicians need to be thrown out this election cycle. I’m just happy to see that my party’s electorate, for the most part, aren’t guzzling the GOP kool-aid and we are able to be relatively objective. This is the only procedure left us for vetting our Presidential candidates with such an incompetent news media. Much better than what I see on the other side of the isle, and I do visit their websites, where the vast majority of liberals are as gullible as a dog doing tricks expecting a treat regarding their parties representatives. Likewise, most of them truly believe that PMSNBC is an objective non-partisan news organization. That must be a lonely place, in such ignorant bliss. Lets just hope that the facts carry the day this election cycle. As far as I’m concerned this means that Perry as of now is a snake oil salesmen and Ron Paul’s worshipers tire in the final lap as they always have. Go McCotter! Yes, a cop-out but it keeps my options open.

    • Mary Scoles says:

      Maybe you just don’t get out into the professional world much. It is the job of lots of professionals (law and politics are two categories) to be adversarial as part of their job. They do their job and then revert to human being status. You are part of what is wrong with the American electorate. You think that red meat should be on the table at all times; that differences or conflict have to become part of ones DNA. Grow up.

  3. lizp4 says:

    I’m really glad you found this. I had forgotten all about it. I have had an uneasy feeling about Perry since he declared. I just can’t seem to trust him. I would like to, he seems genuine, but there is always some little “check” in the back of my mind regarding him. I wish I knew more.

    • John Scotus says:

      I had forgotten about this incident as well. We have to thank Tony Lee for digging it up. Perry talks a good game, but the more I see of him the less I like of him. I also have had a real question about electability from the beginning. Are Americans really willing to vote for a hard-nosed, sometimes mean-spirited Texan? Does his campaign really have legs? We will have to see.

  4. Bill589 says:

    I also see that with the candidates – the more I learn about them, the less I like them.
    I’m finding the opposite with Palin.

  5. Bo says:

    The entire clown-car full of GOP candidates is depressing. But, then, what do you expect from a former national political party that has no viable ideas, no principles, no integrity and no qualifications to govern this nation?
    Perry is GDumbya on steroids. Palin (and Bachmann) is a charlatan and a fraud. Santorum is stark-raving mad and Gingrich is an angry old white man. There is nothing to choose from in this flock of fools.

  6. Sonny J. says:

    How can you be a Christian AND an iconoclast? The two are mutually exclusive.

    • John Scotus says:

      An iconoclast is a destroyer of idols or icons (this is the actual derivation of the word). It can be someone who destroys idols or icons literally by smashing them, or someone who fights against figurative idols and icons through persuasion and sound arguments. The first iconoclasts were Christians who sought to destroy idols and icons within the church. They were not interested in destroying those outside of church walls, but wanted to keep pagan influences out of Christianity. I am not sure how it is possible to be an iconoclast and NOT be a Christian, given the actual meaning of the word.

  7. Michael Reynolds says:

    I think Perry did Palin a favor by stepping in. The only time she seemed “visibly uncomfortable” was when she had to step up to the microphone, and answer in her usual, vacuous manner. I can see why she never gave a national press conference–she’s clueless.

  8. What will conservatives do if they find out Perry is gay? There’s a long-standing rumor about that in Austin.

    • John Scotus says:

      I’ve heard the rumors, but do not think they are true. However, I think many conservatives–even more than a few Christian conservatives–are looking for consistency between a person’s private and public life, and are looking at the issues. If indeed it turned out there was a scandal in Perry’s personal life, the big issue would be his hypocrisy and lies.

  9. jj says:

    poppycock. He didn’t cut her off. She stepped back repeatedly and he nudged her TOWARD the mike.

  10. Jim M says:

    I disagree with the insinuation that Biden and Boehner being chummy in public means that they’re corrupt. Haven’t you ever been on a board or a committee with people you really disagreed with? You can’t let personal animosity take over if you want to get something done. The Congress is inevitably going to be as diverse and fractious as our country is, but I think we all want the people elected to it to be able to work together. When the framers of the Constitution had tough going in Philadelphia they could have all walked out in a self-righteous huff–but instead we got the Connecticut compromise and later, ten instant amendments to win over the anti-federalists. And a good thing, too.

  11. discovery says:

    That little bipolar problem and the addiction to unprescribed pharmaceuticals like Ritalin is hurting Palin really badly right now. That plus the stress-induced eating disorder which started when McCain’s people were pressuring her to slim down, and which has gotten so bad that she is losing her hair (hence the wigs.) Not a stable candidate for anything in the future.

  12. Joe harvey says:

    Why the press (or any one else) should be interested in listening to Palin’s moronic blathering is a never-ending mystery.

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  14. Julie says:

    I saw this press conference. However, keep in mind, she endorsed him in his re-election bid for governor in 2010 and flew to Texas and campaigned for him that year. If there’s been any rift, the cause is his declaring his candidacy for prez.

  15. Repack Rider says:

    I see two profoundly stupid and venial people. Why is this a story?

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