Obama, the Record-Setting President

This infographic was published in the Wall Street Journal last week, showing the various records Barack Obama has set during his presidency:

Records set during Obama's presidency
While it is true that there was an economic shock just prior to the election, it is worth remembering that people voted for Obama because he appeared cool, calm, and competent, and because he promised to get the US out of this mess. Instead, he made things much worse.

The Wall Street Journal article is a devastating take down of Obama and his presidency. It should be read in full.

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3 Responses to Obama, the Record-Setting President

  1. Wow! now ther is a record a Democrat can be proud of! :-)

  2. Eliot Rosewater says:

    30 years of trickle down. 30 years of little to investment in infrastructure. An economic meltdown of near epic proportions. How soon we forget that a mess decades in the making cannot be undone in 3 years.

  3. No it can’t be undone in three years, but he made is worse, not better… WORSE not better, And continues to want to follow the same principals that made it WORSE despite demonstrable evidence that his policies don’t work. So do not let him off the hook, he made it WORSE !

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