Of Course Newt Gingrich Is Taking the High Road: With the Skeletons in His Closet He Has No Choice

Many people are enamored with Newt Gingrich because of his political skill, his knowledge of the issues, and his intelligence. However, before jumping on the Gingrich train, we need to vet the man and see if he is really what we need, and that is not happening now.

There are two points of concern about Gingrich.

First of all, he has so many skeleton’s already out of, half falling out, and still stuffed in his closet that the MSM will have a field day if he is nominated. His living room must look like a bone repository. All of this will be played out 24/7 by the press–Obama and his political enemies will make sure of it. And we need to be honest here–he has tons of political enemies. By the time he left Washington DC he was one of the most hated men in town, so there are plenty of people willing to peddle dirt about him, and there is plenty of dirt. Much of it is already in the public record. There are no anonymous sources here or vague allegations.

Second, we should ask why Gingrich was one of the most hated men in Washington DC. People are trying to spin it to say that it was because of his principles. Actually, it was because of his complete lack of principles. He did not follow through on the Contract with America and the grand vision he had for reforming American politics in 1994. He appeared to have no controlling principles but to look good in the press and further his own political fortunes. He was also an active participant in the politics of personal destruction. One of his staff members said at the time, “He’s a sociopath, but he’s our sociopath.” Again, the spin is that this is just the negative press whipping things up. The problem is that most of these criticism are from informed observers and participants on the right, and not from liberals or the press. Careful observers remember those times and remember what a terrible Speaker he was when it comes to conservative causes. Then and now, he was great at giving sound bites, playing to the press, and political gamesmanship, but had few accomplishments–and many of the things he did accomplish boomeranged and hurt the GOP and conservatives. Have you noticed that in the debates he tends to talk about the accomplishments of Reagan and the House while he was in it, as though these were his personal accomplishments? It is true that Gingrich was there when some great things were done. However, by and large he did not participate in them.

Today, we are seeing the same game plan for 1994 being played out, complete with a new Contract with America. If Gingrich were to survive the onslaught that would come after he was nominated and became president–if he followed his past course–he would show absolutely no commitment to the vision he is offering. Yes, some great speeches would be made. Yes, some bills would be passed.  However, once those bills were passed, he would appoint establishment players to administer those programs and then make backroom deals allowing these programs to be gutted. Meanwhile, he would have moved on to his next grand project and have forgotten everything he promised to the people who believed and voted for him.

He is the ultimate establishment player. The ultimate machine politician. He will say anything to get public support, but once in power he will do whatever he wants. People who are looking for someone to consistently push a conservative agenda will be disappointed.

Why should we expect anything else? This is just Newt being Newt.

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2 Responses to Of Course Newt Gingrich Is Taking the High Road: With the Skeletons in His Closet He Has No Choice

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    I just don’t care much for Gingrich! He is an not my cup of tea at all. Wish Sarah would change her mind! Still like Herman Cain somewhat, but I really am trying to keep an open mind!

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