Canadian Man Keeps Buffalo As House Pet (photos)

According to Metro UK:

Standing at just under 6ft and stretching 8ft long, Bailey Junior is a local celebrity around Spruce Grove town in Alberta, Canada. Weighing in at 1,820 pounds this buffalo is also potentially the largest house pet in the world.
Jim and Linda Sautner looked after Bailey when he was an orphaned calf, bottle-feeding him and keeping him safe both outdoors and indoors. Now the three-year-old beast trails around the town meeting locals and reportedly going into bars with Jim to drink beer.

Buffalo in living room
Buffalo in carI sincerely hope that this beast is housebroken.

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5 Responses to Canadian Man Keeps Buffalo As House Pet (photos)

  1. lizp4 says:

    My SECOND thought. The first was, “I sure hope they castrated this guy a long time ago…”

  2. Tavi says:

    lizp4 – why on earth would you want Jim Sautner castrated?

  3. laurainman says:

    I would like to contace Jim Suatner regarding a small herd of buffalo that I am trying to save from abuse. Would it be possible for you to give me his email address?

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