Jon Huntsman to Drop Presidential Bid

According to the Washington Post:

Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman has decided to end his presidential candidacy and will formally exit the race on Monday, according to two sources briefed on his thinking. He is expected to endorse former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.
Huntsman had pledged to soldier on after a disappointing third place finish last week in New Hampshire’s primary. He insisted his showing amounted to a “ticket to ride” to South Carolina.
But, political reality seems to have hit Huntsman and his team over the last few days as polling in the Palmetto State, which will hold its primary on Jan. 21, showed him in single digits.

This inevitable announcement came one month sooner than I predicted, showing that Huntsman is not nearly as deluded as I thought he was.

Conventional wisdom is that this will help Romney, but this is doubtful. First, Huntsman was pulling only about 5% in the South Carolina polls, and this was for an open primary. Second, exit poll data from New Hampshire showed that only 31% of Huntsman’s votes came from registered Republicans. Since in the long haul one must receive votes from actual Republicans in order to win the nomination, the effect of Huntsman’s withdrawal from the race will be negligible. The coveted I-can-speak-pidgin-Chinese-so-I-think-I-am-fluent vote is up for grabs, but that is about it.

It will have a great effect the way the media reports on things, however, as their favorite Republican is no longer running.

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5 Responses to Jon Huntsman to Drop Presidential Bid

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  2. Eric says:

    Huntsman had the best, most aggressive tax reform and economic plan according to the Wall Street Journal. He had a plan to prevent banks from getting so large such that a failure of one would be catastrophic to the economy. He embraced Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan while Newt called it Right-wing social engineering. He wanted to eliminate the Department of Education and return education decisions to the local level. He was the only candidate with real foreign policy experience, serving under Bush 41, Bush 43 and Obama. The relationship with China will be key over the next century and the other candidates will be fumbling in the dark compared to him. As Governor of Utah, he expanded gun rights and banned second-trimester abortions. Despite believing global warming is real, he still wanted to expand access to our own energy resources including our abundance of natural gas. Match that record against anyone left in the race. The term “conservative” is being used in vain by an extreme handful of party activists who believe that gay civil unions will bring about Armageddon, that Obama is from Kenya and that the Earth is 4,000 years old. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    • John Scotus says:

      Huntsman may have been more conservative on many domestic issues than his opponents, but that is not how he talked or how he ran. His debate performances were downright abysmal. He rarely if ever made a substantive point–it was all hand-wringing, whining, an occasional cheap shot at an opponent, or a bizarre joke that most people did not get and very few thought was funny. The only point that really came through in the debate was that he wanted to withdraw US soldiers from overseas and that he did not think much of the condition of the US. Instead of presenting a positive vision of what he wanted to do, he was all negative, all the time. Even with his lack of substance, he still came across much better in the transcripts of the debates than he did when listening to the tapes. Clearly there was something going on in his attitude and the tone of his voice that was off putting to many people, as this has been often commented upon.
      We shouldn’t have to read about how conservative he is from the Wall Street Journal and what a great guy he is from the MSM–he should have been able to make this case himself. However, he didn’t. Instead, he left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. He was just a bad candidate.

  3. He seemed like such a smart guy, yet he thought speaking Mandarin during a Republican debate was going to help him get votes. For a Republican, he doesn’t really know the Republican base very well.

  4. Jack says:

    Jon Huntsman’s Illuminati Ways!

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