Newt’s Narcissism

Newt Gingrich has to be the most narcissistic candidate to run in the GOP primaries in recent memory. First, he launched what can only be classed as a kamikaze attack against Mitt Romney. We can argue about what Romney did at Bain Capital until election day, but it tells us nothing new about how Romney would behave as President, except that perhaps he might be willing to do what Gingrich was unwilling to do when he was Speaker of the House, and what Gingrich’s current Contract with America does not do–actually downsize the government and cut the federal workforce.* Meanwhile, with these attacks Gingrich is doing the devil’s work for him, without gaining a thing for himself. If Romney gets the nomination, Obama will not even need to make campaign speeches–all he will need to do is replay Gingrich’s negative campaign ads.

Now, Gingrich is insisting that Rick Santorum should quit the race so that Gingrich will have a better chance to defeat Romney. Ron Paul said the same thing about the other candidates after New Hampshire, and everyone took it as yet more evidence that Ron Paul was nothing more than a brain-addled kook in love with the sound of his own voice. Why should Gingrich be treated with any more respect?

Indeed, logic is not on Gingrich’s side here. As the Other McCain reports:

The fact that Santorum beat Gingrich in New Hampshire has been woefully underreported. As the Boston Globe pointed out, it appeared late on primary night and into the next morning that Gingrich had won fourth place. But when the final votes were tallied, Santorum took fourth by a margin of 138 votes, with 23,312 votes to Gingrich’s 23,174.
Meanwhile, as Byron York reported Monday, it is still quite possible that the final official count in Iowa will show that Santorum defeated Mitt Romney there …
With that background, then, it is shocking to see what Newt said today during a campaign stop in Florence, S.C. :

A reporter asked the former House speaker if the former Pennsylvania senator should drop out of the race. “Well I would be delighted if he decided to endorse me,” Gingrich said, but added it was Santorum and Perry’s decision to make.
“So I am respectful that Rick has every right to run as long as he feels that’s what he should do, but from the stand point of the conservative movement, consolidating into a Gingrich candidacy would in fact virtually guarantee a victory on Saturday,” Gingrich said in Florence Tuesday. “And I’d be delighted if either Perry or Santorum wanted to do that.”

What the hell kind of talk is that, coming from a guy who placed fourth in Iowa (13%) and fifth in New Hampshire (9%), especially in regard to Santorum, who fought Romney to a standstill in Iowa?
Newt’s suggestion that Santorum should be “consolidating into a Gingrich candidacy” is preposterous and insulting.

By the very standards Newt Gingrich is using, he himself should drop out of the race and throw his support behind Santorum.

As it is, the way Gingrich is running his campaign suggests that the only GOP candidate he would support for President is himself, and that if he cannot win the nomination he would just as soon Obama be re-elected.

Is this what this campaign season has come down to?


*It is true that Gingrich–with Clinton’s co-operation–helped get the first balanced budget in eons. However, the federal government grew under Gingrich’s watch–he did not cut any spending, but merely helped control the growth of spending. No government programs were cut, nor was the size of the government workforce. Gingrich’s current Contract with America includes new government spending, and assumes that the budget can be balanced by making the government more efficient and by collecting more taxes by growing the economy. And we know what happens whenever we ass-u-me something.

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2 Responses to Newt’s Narcissism

  1. Newt, with all his problems, has a far better chance of winning the general election than Santorum or Perry. Perry, whether or not it’s fair, would never get past the Bush-redux narrative, and Santorum is simply clueless on economic matters, which is what the general election will be all about. Santorum’s only strength is that voters avoided him so long that his surge only began right before the voting.

    I also think the Other McCain is greatly overreacting (but hey, that’s what bloggers do). There isn’t really any other way Newt could have answered that question without sparking rumors that he was about to drop out.

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