“The Forgotten Man” by Jon McNaughton, Controversial?

According to CBS, this is a controversial and politically charged work:

"The Forgotten Man" by Jon McNaughton

"The Forgotten Man" by Jon McNaughton

Really, it is hard to see it as anything but a fair comment.

If the painting is politically charged and controversial, I wonder what CBS would say about these images?

Though I never understood the Bush as a chimp idea, all of these images of George W. Bush are highly offensive–much more offensive than the painting by Jon McNaughton, but I do not recall anyone at CBS or in the MSM in general getting worked up about it.

Or am I missing something?

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12 Responses to “The Forgotten Man” by Jon McNaughton, Controversial?

  1. wdednh says:

    Reblogged this on YOU DECIDE.

  2. lizp4 says:

    I agree. This kind of hate is pathological. These people STILL hate GWB this much. Ask them about him today, and they STILL go off onto spittle-flinging fits.

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  4. Old Virginia Joe says:

    Wish I could emrace this painting. I like the concept, alot, but putting Lincoln on the conservative side? Now that is a serious mistake, Jon. He did more to kill the Constitution himself than Obama! If there is a second edition with Lincoln over on the other side, let me know and I’ll probably buy one for my home.

    • John Scotus says:

      Sorry, but I’m not buying what you are selling. Lincoln is one of my heroes.

      • JustJoe says:

        -According to some of the revisionist conservatives, the Civil War was mostly about state’s rights vs. federal rights. It was about that, they just fail to mention that it was about state’s rights to keep people enslaved.

        -Lincoln also set forth the first federal income tax, slightly progressive at that.

        -The transcontinental railroad was also an important goal of his, in which the government paid the railroad companies to build and expand it’s scope.

        See, this is why I have a problem with people bitching about Obama and his radical “socialist” agenda. Sooner or later they will contradict themselves with their absolutist world views.

        • John Scotus says:

          I am not one of these “revisionist conservatives”, and I do not find such people conservative.

          Your argument boils down to this: President Y did one or two things which some people disagreed with and might be wrong, even though by and large he was a great president who had a lot going for him. Since President Y was a wee bit imperfect, let’s support President X, a man devoid of constraint, as he runs roughshod over the Constitution and drives the country over a cliff.

    • TY says:

      McNaughton = ignorance

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