Designer Makes Women’s High Heels From Horses’ Hooves

German designer Iris Schieferstein is enamored with the idea of using dead animal parts to make clothes and other decorative items. Orange News explains:

Iris Schieferstein, 45, spends months creating high heel horse hooves, stilettos from snake skins and sandals sculpted from doves.
Ms Schieferstein, who designed a pair of horse hooves for Lady Gaga, sells the shoes for up to £3,900.
She collects the dead animals from her local butcher in Berlin, then spends a week stripping out the meat and bones from the animal’s feet before the skin is sent to a tanner to be preserved.
The sculptor then sets the skin – complete with fur still in place – around a shoe model before doing any needlework to add insoles and lining.
She said: “I love horses and I love shoes so I thought this would be perfect. Horses have a beautiful walk and I wanted to recreate that with my footwear …
“Once the shoes are made I wear them to make sure they work, although they would not be suitable to wear around the house.”

Here is a pair of her high heels:
horse hoof high heelsThere is no indication as to whether or not she also provides a bridle and stirrups as accessories.

She works with other dead animals as well. Here are some shoes she made out of cow hooves and toy guns:

Cow hoof and gun shoes

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35 Responses to Designer Makes Women’s High Heels From Horses’ Hooves

    • Pat says:

      this is beyond ugly! beside the fact that these are horse feet, what they have been made into is unbelievably/disturbantly ugly! Nastiest looking shoes I have ever seen

  1. Md. Alsanda says:

    Thanks for passing by and the following.

  2. hibrowtv says:

    What else do you expect from a nazi?

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  4. chris says:

    Not just dead animals……….horses slaughtered to go on the plates of Europeans! These are domesticated pets people!!! DISGUSTING!!!

  5. Diane McEvoy says:

    You say you love horses? With the exception of those who use the skins of slaughtered foals to make purses, rugs, etc. this has got to be the most disgusting and offensive demonstration of a total disregard of the lives of horses. We, in America — where ever you are — are fighting with everything we have against horse slaughter. You use the hooves of slaughtered horses for fashion. It’s an abomination and I can assure you that I will transmit this page to hundreds of anti-horse slaughter abuse advocates. Perhaps you might start designing a pair of bookends made from human feet, or a lamp from the head of a dead person. You are no lover of horses, you are a lover of the money made from sales to your equally sick clientele.

    • Roseann S says:

      Thank you Diane McEvoy for saying it so well to this lowlife who is exploiting animals remains for obscene profit..This is so emotional for me.

  6. a says:

    Sick b%$ch. And Gags..untalented,disgusting self important piece of @#$t..trip in them and break your face..please.

  7. Jane says:

    Highlights the sickness of animal slaughter as well as fashion. At least these animals weren’t killed only for their feet, unlike those foxes and dogs skinned alive for their fur in China.

  8. terry says:

    this is disgusting!! boycott, and throw out your lady gaga cd’s..

  9. Susan Setzke says:

    Those shoes are absolutely repulsive. How in the world can she make a comment that she loves horses and then believe that it is ethical to promote the slaughter of such just to design abhorrent clothing and footwear such as this. Seriously disturbing and screwed up thinking. Stop it now!!!

  10. Pat says:

    Ugly ’bout says it all

  11. alafair2010 says:

    Reblogged this on The Monsters Among Us and commented:
    Iris Schieferstein is a living piece of raw sewage and it is people like her and her client, Lady Gaga, that are what is wrong with the world

  12. Margaret says:

    Go watch a video on the Dirty Lickers. Your as sick as the young woman in Oregon who slaughtered her horse and crawled inside to be “one with her horse”.

    Just be sure to tell me whatever other names you design under cause I WON’T PATRONIZE YOUR BUSINESS EVER!

  13. Kitty says:

    You disgusting POS! You love horses?! You are what is wrong with this world. To treat these beautiful animals like that! I hope you and that other POS Lady GagGag both rot in hell!

  14. Janice Elson says:

    What a disgusting excuse for a human being you are…words fail me….Karma will get you in the end!

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  16. You , ma;am , is not a talented designer. I have seen all kinds of designers’s works but this is the shoddiest and one of the worst I ever came across in the Fashion Industry.

  17. Ruxandra Dumitrache says:


  18. Keli Dowdy says:

    This is repulsive! Only Satan would want people walking around with hooves! I guess I’m boycotting Lady Gaga, now! Go bow before Lucifer, you have made him happy!

  19. Yes, you are 100% right Diae McEvoy. am agree with you

  20. Roseann S says:

    u fucking sick kraut….you bastard we should burn your filthy german ass in the fucking oven!!!!

  21. Roseann S says:

    What disgusting whore iris schieferstein…your type is dangerous promoting the sale of dead animal parts..You should have been drown at birth.!!!

  22. Roseann S says:

    this vile puke is only good for landfill…what a disturbing woman…and she claims she likes horses…DEAD ONES where she can profit from the remains..

  23. Tim Gorski says:

    That is repulsive. Horses are beautiful and graceful, not on a butcher block or as footwear. This supposed designer is very sick.

  24. the devil says:

    I love this post. All your comments have made my day. Most of you are so repulsed you immeiatly turn to thoughts pf racism and murder. You see shoes made from animal parts and it act as if life is so precous you would kill for it. Is anyone here blameless? How is this different than a leather handbag or boot. If you wear animals skin how is it different to wear its hooves? Should hey be wasted? How is this any different than killing hem for their beef?

  25. Josie says:

    Any person who says they love horses would never wear these. It’s sick!

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  27. Equanimity says:

    The people above have way too much time on their hands to be serious about this. These shoes are wonderful, she mentions nothing about killing animals to make these. She is simply recycling what has been left, not unlike what people have been doing for centuries, using the whole animal. If you cannot see the imagination and hard work that went into these (and even if you cannot, calling someone names based upon their heritage is simply juvenile and ignorant) I can only imagine what your lives must be like- that is to say, horrible. In a world where too many judge without thinking about anything others go through (once again, the people above, with the exception of ‘the devil’) these shoes are a fabulous testimony to ingenuity and yes, fashion. All y’all need to take a shower, put on clean clothes, and take a walk- get out of those funky moods.

  28. Anthony says:

    @Equanimity: Well put!
    @everyone else: If you’ve ever worn leather hats, gloves, vests, pants, chaps, shoes; or used leather seats; you’ve worn the same thing as these shoes – these are just leather with the hooves and fur/hairs still on. As was also pointed out, she’s using parts that would otherwise likely go unused, rather than killing the animal for just a small piece of it. I think she’s doing excellent work, if perhaps a bit unusual.

  29. Abcde fghrjk says:

    This is a true creation. I envy your creativity. Where can I get a pair? Also, I prefer cow, so is there anyway that could be made for me?

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