Adolph Hitler Shampoo

The New York Daily News reports that a Turkish company is using Adolph Hitler to sell shampoo:

A Turkish shampoo ad for men featuring Adolf Hitler has been slammed by Jewish groups, but the agency has not yanked it.
The commercial features black-and-white footage of the Nazi leader delivering a speech with a voiceover that says: “If you don’t wear women’s clothes then don’t use a women’s shampoo. Now there’s a 100% men’s shampoo, Biomen. If you’re a man you use Biomen.”
Jewish organizations in Turkey and the Anti-Defamation League have asked the agency to pull the 12-second commercial, which has been airing for a week.

Here is the ad in question:

We are confused as to why anyone would think the ad was a good idea, unless, of course, they are Nazis. But then, why should this be allowed? Why aren’t Turkish people up in arms about the ad?

And the ad has been pulled after protests from the Jewish community. However, the company’s owner still doesn’t see anything wrong with the ad.

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