Federal Prisoner Nabs 40% of Early Vote Against Obama in West Virginia Primary

According to the Charleston Gazette, Keith Judd, of the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas, now has about 40% of the vote in the West Virginia Democratic presidential primary. He trails Barack Obama, 90,452 votes to 60,496, Sadly, since most precincts have reported, it looks like Judd will not be able to close the gap, dooming any presidential aspirations he might have.

Reports are cloudy as to why exactly Judd is in the federal pen, but it appears that he is incarcerated for making threats while on a university campus. We could comment on how the current president has also made threats while on university campuses, and how this has also resulted in him receiving federal housing, albeit if a somewhat different kind. However, the real story is how much the people of West Virginia despise Barack Obama. 60,000 people in West Virginia went out of their way to vote for an unknown federal inmate against a sitting president. Indeed, Judd is just short of the vote Mitt Romney is currently getting in West Virginia (63,025), despite Romney’s campaign spending and political organization.

Truly, this is an election year where “None of the above”, if it were allowed on the ballot, would have a fighting chance of winning.

(H/t Caffeinated Thoughts)

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