Obama Headlined At 1996 Democratic Socialists of America Event

Democratic Socialists of America Obama handbillAs pointed out by Alexander Kazam, Barack Obama’s relationship with the Democratic Socialists of America is not breaking news. However, when Barack Obama ran in 2008, he was portrayed in the press as a political moderate, and consequently he was able to get much of the independent and even some of the conservative vote in that election. Voters–who should have known better–were paying too much attention to his lofty rhetoric and not enough to his actual record.

Note that people can and do change their political persuasion over time. However, when pundits or politicians change from being radical socialists to moderates or conservatives, they normally give an explanation as to how and why this occurred. With Obama, on the other hand, there has never really been any explanations–only obfuscations, prevarications, and accusations of racism. Is it any wonder that so many people feel that they were sold a bill of goods in 2008?

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2 Responses to Obama Headlined At 1996 Democratic Socialists of America Event

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