One Tough Chick

Queen Elizabeth with a machine gunI love the look of determination on her face. Who can resist a woman who knows how to handle a machine gun?

(H/t @reedtome)

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22 Responses to One Tough Chick

  1. This is one great shot

  2. lizp4 says:

    Her Majesty is a deadeye. I love her. She has more regal understanding of duty than anyone in her family, except perhaps for Philip, who might run second. The royals are usually a bunch of inbred twits, but Elizabeth is the daughter of her mother, who was magnificent.

    • J.M. Heinrichs says:

      Her father, at the time Prince Albert, Duke of York, served aboard HMS Collingwood at the Battle of Jutland.


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  4. Dewayne says:

    She’s using Obama’s iPod full of his speeches he gave her as the target.

  5. Brian of Moorabbin says:

    Never realised before that Liz is a left-hander..

  6. Harry Won A Bagel says:

    I watched a documentary last night which mentioned the Queen Mum practicing with a pistol in a yard Buckingham Palace during the War, just in case she had to fight a last stand in the Palace. Looking at that photo of her daughter at 86 years of age I can imagine what would have happened to the first six Germans through the door. How do we deserve these two women?

  7. Charles Greene says:

    With all due respect, I’ve loved the old girl since I saw a pic of her changing a tire on the lorry she drove in WWII. I think the grandsons will do her proud.

    • HuskyInExile says:

      Some members of the Royal family have indeed embarrassed the instition from time to time, but I think many people (most especially MSM) that most of the family are required to serve in the military . . . in a real job.

      Much as I dislike Charles, he really did go to Sea and stand watches . . .
      Even more impressive is war time records of both Elizabeth II and her Father.

  8. FunGoose says:

    Not bad for a 90yr old Granny. Go, you Diamond Girl, you!!!

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  10. Rich Vail says:

    Prince Andrew fought in the Falklands, Charles did in fact command a Minesweeper (he made Lt. Commander on his own). Prince William is in the Army. Prince Harry serves in the Infantry…they aren’t “required” to serve in the military, but it’s the only sphere where they can stand upon their own merits.

  11. I dare the Australian Olympic Committee to take her on.

  12. dperry says:

    What I particularly love is that this is clearly in a typical English downpour, so she has to be getting wet (even with the nice Army guy holding the umbrella) and yet she keeps the white gloves on, the hat is perfectly positioned, and not a hair is out of place. Most pols wouldn’t even do the photo op in such conditions, much less try to look good for it.

    For the context of the photo, see here (it’s almost 20 years old now):

    For proof that this is not just a one-time thing with her:

    Allegedly, she still carries a pistol in her purse, too.

  13. Rules4FreeRadicals says:

    Banned in newly pussified Australia, more masculine tough than Obama, able to leap tall bulidings in a single bound.

    • Charles Greene says:

      Rules, arn’t you getting a little carried away? My god, man, she’s 90, she probly couldn’t jump more then 4 or 5 floors at this point. Be reasonable.

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