America Is Committing Cultural Suicide

Roger Simon just wrote a great piece about America’s decline. Here is an excerpt:

Reading the unemployment numbers for May (can you imagine what the real ones would be?), your lefty-liberal friends should be ashamed of themselves — at least those that aren’t committed, Cloward-Piven style, to the fall of the U.S. You know, those who wish to bankrupt our country so that it can be rebuilt as a glorious socialism… like, say, Czechoslovakia circa 1962.
But what we have may be worse than Cloward–Piven. It’s accidental Cloward-Piven. Cloward-Piven out of ineptitude.
I don’t need to see Obama’s hidden college grades. I know he’s a failure.
I don’t need to read The Amateur. I know he’s an amateur.
The sad thing is we are all paying for it — not to mention our children and our children’s children.
We’re not about to become Greece. We are Greece. Those of us who live in California are already Greece squared.
Liberalism is not only dead, it’s decomposed. We’d better inter it this November or we are all fools …
If it sounds like I’ve had enough, I have. I love this country. I never dreamed I would see it go down the drain in such an extraordinarily rapid fashion.
Get out your pitchforks, citizens. It’s time to throw these clowns out.

No, Roger Simon is not a raging right-winger: He’s a left-winger with integrity. He has more in common with Christopher Hitchens and George Orwell than with Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh. Yet, all agree that Obama’s policies are a destructive failure.

Failed comedian turned failed talk show host Bill Maher asked recently why conservatives hate Obama, as in Maher’s opinion conservatives have gotten all they have wanted under his administration. Of course, Maher’s question is based upon a failed understanding of conservatives and a deceptive characterization of Obama’s record. Most conservatives want the big banks to be broken up, and see that as a better alternative than propping them up with public money. Obama is restricting oil drilling, rather than opening up more oil drilling as Maher alleges. Obama may have verbally conceded that the government needed cutting, but has never produced a budget with government cuts, and is overseeing the most dramatic increase in government spending in 60 years. And, while the Dow Jones has rebounded and corporate profits are high, most conservatives are concerned much, much more with Main Street than they are with Wall Street, and with middle class wage earners than they are with corporate executives or stockholders. The only point on which conservatives and Maher agree is that Obama is a failure.

As to why conservatives hate Obama, let’s try this: Obama is a liar and is destroying our country. The real question is not why Obama is disliked by conservatives, but why liberals are still carrying water for him. Roger Simon ascribes it in part to a desire for cultural suicide. If this is their game, then it needs to be rejected. While there is much wrong in America, there is much more that is right, and needs to be protected and saved. If liberals want to destroy something, why don’t they look at their own failed ideology and leave everyone else alone?

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2 Responses to America Is Committing Cultural Suicide

  1. Jlue says:

    Of course, Maher’s question is based upon a failed understanding of conservatives and a deceptive characterization of Obama’s record.

    I agree

  2. CAPT Mike says:

    Though strictly speaking I’m much more libertarian than conservative, I do not hate Obama; heck he’s a kinda milktoast enemy . . . Wish him and his family well in retirement
    I do detest and despise many of his policies, and hold (most of) his appointments in contempt.

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