Issa’s Letter to Obama Regarding Claims of Executive Privilege Over Fast and Furious Documents (Full Text)

On Monday, Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in the US House of Representatives, sent a letter in reply to the White House regarding President Barack Obama’s claims of executive privilege over the release of Fast and Furious documents. In his letter, he notes that the president’s claim is not based in case law, and does not even make pretenses of being so. Since the president’s claim is legally frivolous, he wonders why the president made it, and concludes that the president either must have something to hide or is obstructing justice. He then gives the background of the investigation, and provides details on US Attorney General Eric Holder’s “accommodation” to the committee, and why it was rejected, followed by details on why Obama’s claims of executive privilege are legally specious, followed by direct accusations that Obama must somehow be involved.

Here is the full text of his letter (click to enlarge the pages). A pdf of the letter can be found here.


Issa-Obama 1Issa-Obama 2Issa-Obama 3Issa-Obama 4Issa-Obama 5Issa-Obama 6Issa-Obama 7


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