Nintendo Games As You’ve Never Seen Them Before, As Traditional Japanese Prints

Ukiyo-e Heroes are a group of Japanophiles attempting to keep the art of traditional Japanese woodblock printing alive, by making woodblock prints of  anime and video game characters. Here are some samples of their work:

Donkey Kong Ukiyo-eMario Kart Ukiyo-ePokemon Ukiyo-eWhile making woodblock prints of anime and video games may seem to traditionalists like it trivializes or even blasphemes the art, in the old days Japanese woodblock artists focused on popular subjects that appealed to a mass audience. They just did not have video games back then.

Ukiyo-e Heroes has a Facebook page here, where they show examples of their art and videos of how they made the woodblock prints using traditional techniques. Alas, as is typical with groups wanting to keep traditional Japanese culture alive, the members of this group all appear to be gaijin.

(H/t Rocket News 24)

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