Unpatriotic Debt

On July 3, 2008, Barack Obama criticized George W. Bush for the national debt, saying that it was unpatriotic to owe so much money to China:

It is true that in eight years Bush added $4 trillion to the national debt. However, in his three years, Obama has added more than $5 trillion.

Who exactly is being “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” here?

(H/t Hot Air)

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2 Responses to Unpatriotic Debt

  1. blained13 says:

    It’s unpatriotic when someone other than a Democrat is doing something, It’s necessary when they are doing it. You know this is all Bush’s fault, everything that goes wrong is blamed on him and Obama has blamed him for anything that hasn’t gone his way. I would love to see George Bush walk up,smack Obama and say grow up, take responsibility and act like the President.

  2. Pointing fingers about who’s to blame for, how much debt doesn’t solve our nation’s financial problems. I’m all for whoever can step up, take responsibility and correct this severe issue…Democratic or Republican.

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