Sobbing Woman Thanks Obama For Health Care Law, Falsely Says That It Would Have Saved Her Sister

From Politico:

An emotional Ohio voter personally thanked President Obama for passing a health care overhaul, relating the story of her late sister’s battle with cancer.
After Obama’s speech in Sandusky, he encountered a sobbing Stephanie Miller, who later told reporters about her encounter with Obama.
“I thanked him for the getting the Affordable Health Act passed,” Miller said, referring to the health care overhaul the Supreme Court upheld last week.
Miller said her sister passed away from colon cancer four years ago — partly because she could not purchase health insurance.
“Even after she was diagnosed with cancer, she was told her income was too high for Medicaid,” Miller said.

Readers new to this blog may not know that my son was at one time diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. We were living overseas, and were counseled by our doctors that if we wanted our son to live, we needed we needed to get him to the US, as the US had by far the best medical system in the world. Only, we did not have insurance valid in the US, we did not have money for a large hospital deposit, and we did not qualify for Medicaid.

We were rescued when a doctor in Ohio noted that Ohio had some of the best public hospitals in the US, and that by law public hospitals in Ohio had to see the patient first and start treatment, before asking about insurance or payment. This simple fact saved my son’s life.

To the best of my knowledge, every state has laws saying that you cannot get turned away from a public hospital for a lack of money or insurance. And while some public hospitals are renowned for their low quality care, this is not true of all of them. As a patient, you have a personal obligation to become informed and to find the best medical treatment possible. The government cannot do this for you, Obamacare or not. Even people who are fully insured sometimes fail to seek the best treatment, to their own eternal regret. For someone without insurance and money, it is harder to do this, but certainly not impossible if your life depends upon it.

In short, while we are sad for the loss of her sister, Stephanie Miller appears to be spinning tales in behalf of a president she loves and supports. Her sister may have died, but she certainly did not die because she could not get good medical treatment. Not in the US.

Sadly, under Obamacare, it is quite likely that people like my son would be prevented from getting any medical treatment at all on the basis of some cost-benefit analysis made by a bureaucrat in Washington DC. This is one good reason why Obamacare is a bad law.

Stephanie Miller loves Obama

Stephanie Miller and the love of her life.

Stephanie Miller’s Twitter handle is @obamasbestfan. This pretty much says it all.

(Photo h/t Gateway Pundit)

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6 Responses to Sobbing Woman Thanks Obama For Health Care Law, Falsely Says That It Would Have Saved Her Sister

  1. jlue says:

    It has been reported that under Obamacare there is what is being called “Comfort Care”. Older and severely ill patients will not be treated at all. They will be given the proverbial pain pill and allowed to die. Hopefully they will be given food, water, and pain relief. That is more than Terri Schiavo received. The bill is so hard to read and grasp it is hard to know what it contains. We will find out in 2014, after the election.

  2. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. I am very glad your son is doing well. And I am sorry for the other lady’s grief. My concern with the ACA or Obamacare is that it, like many of the “laws” enacted by our distant politicians in DC, it does not solve the underlying “problem” with our health care insurance based system, but instead exacerbates it. That “problem” is personal responsibility for our own lives. Even “well meaning” legislation creates more dependencies and ultimately more problems and than it attempted to solve. I believe that this unfortunately is what certain elements in both political parties want. In the case of the ACA, it was primarily Democrats, whereas in the case of Medicare Advantage under Bush it was primarily Republicans- with each party catering to their lobbyist constituencies. Leaving aside for the moment the corrupt interests in our society that will benefit from increased government involvement in our lives (both the large banks and the large unions for example), it is the inability of those of us that see what is happening to act in a concerted and unified manner that has allowed this to happen. I am as responsible as anyone for this. I lived what I consider a decent and moral life, failing at times, then getting back on the right path again each time I fell off, but doing as best as I could see to be honest and decent. I thought that was enough, but I now believe it is necessary to get involved politically more. I think many decent people felt the same. They got up each day, worked hard, and went home to their families that they love. While we did that, others conspired to destroy what we had built. Hopefully I have not been “asleep” too long.

    • jlue says:

      We are all responsible to some extent, but we can all pull together and begin now to correct things and get back on track. I believe it begins with getting a constitutional amendment that requires term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court Justices. When men and women must go back into society and live under the laws they have passed and ruled on, they will be more careful about what they pass. Also, we need statesmen rather than career politicians serving. We must unify as a people and stop allowing politicians to polerize and divide us.

  3. blained13 says:

    This is the power grab to destroy the private health insurance and hospitals in this country so they can get their single payer system. The overburden the system, it become so expensive and then the government will blame the free market for all the problems. Just look at the cost of high education in this country, ever since the government has gotten more involved the cost has skyrocketed.

    • BillyMac says:

      Blained13 is correct about the overburden strategy or the Cloward-Piven strategy. Look up Frances Fox Piven to learn more about what she is still espousing to her students in NYC.

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