Where The Hits Come From: Obama And Romney On The Internet

According to Experian Hitwise, in a typical week barackobama.com draws at least four times the numbers of visitors than mittromney.com. Here is a map of where their Internet support comes from:

Obama and Romney on the Internet

This is not a good gauge, of course, of overall popularity. For example, in 1936 an October 31 Literary Digest poll of 10 million voters showed Alf Landon winning the election over Franklin Roosevelt with 57% of the vote. Roosevelt won that election a few days later, of course, with more than 60%. The problem was that Literary Digest readers did not make up a good cross-section of the population of the US. Other polls in 1936 also showed Landon ahead, but these often conducted their surveys by phone, at an age when many poorer, rural Americans did not have personal phones.

A similar bias is at work here. Barack Obama is enormously popular among people who regularly use the Internet, but this does not necessarily mean he will win the election.

At the same time, it is hard to believe that liberals are four times more likely to use the computer and surf the Internet than conservatives, so something else must also be at work here. A look at the map shows that Mitt Romney’s hardcore support comes mostly from areas with a high percentage of Mormons, while Obama’s support is more evenly spread throughout the country. This could spell trouble for Romney, as it shows that his support is quite soft outside of Mormon areas, and that he needs to broaden his support if he wishes to win the presidency.

(H/t WSJ)

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One Response to Where The Hits Come From: Obama And Romney On The Internet

  1. Sweetbriar says:

    Who are the people most likely to go to a candidates home page? Answer that question and you can translate the maps. I’ve never been to either and I’m not sure who would. Reading a candidate’s advertisement site doesn’t really tell you anything much useful, does it? It’s a marketing tool, but only for the type of people who like to decide if they want a Moon PIe by going to Chattanooga Bakery’s website. If I’d never had a Moon Pie, I’d be asking friends, reading reviews somewhere (papers, websites), almost anything other than asking the bakery whether I should buy their product. I think the maps are nearly useless, they probably only identify who thinks of the candidates as their home boy, as in “See, didn’t Junior do well with his website? He’ll win for sure!”

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