Obama Ad Blames Romney For Woman’s Death

This is an ad put out by Priorities USA, a super-PAC that supports Barack Obama and works closely with his campaign:

As Allahpundit points out, if this ad has any credence at all, then Obama is responsible for any deaths which may have happened on his watch, as well:

There appears to be no actual policy argument here at all, unless The One now opposes layoffs on principle, for fear that someone somewhere might be left without insurance. Is that where our very pro-business president — seriously, just ask him — is now at? As John Sexton says, does this mean O himself is on the hook until 2014 for any deaths that resulted from GM dealerships being closed in 2009? I thought workers bore some responsibility to find a new job with insurance after they’re laid off, but if he wants to take the blame for human tragedies at Government Motors, fine by me.

But this is not the worst of it. The worst of it is that the ad is a baldfaced lie to begin with.

In fact, Romney was no longer in operational control of Bain after 1999 (as confirmed by the NY Times). The steel mill that Joe Soptic worked at closed in 2001. Scoptic’s wife died in 2006. Further, as CNN reports, Soptic’s wife had insurance for at least part of the time between 2001 and her death in 2006:

(H/t Katrina Trinko)

Mitt Romney and Bain have nothing–absolutely nothing–to do with this woman’s death. Further, since this can easily be established by even the most basic fact-checking, Priorities USA had to be aware of this before it filmed and aired the ad. It is a despicable slander, and they know it.

If Obama had any shame at all, he would demand that this ad be withdrawn.

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One Response to Obama Ad Blames Romney For Woman’s Death

  1. jlue says:

    Each time an ad is run that has a lie, we need to remember to pray that God will protect His people from the liar. Satan is the father of all liars and we must pray that God will not prosper the one who lies to try and win office.

    Isaiah 54:17

    No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue [which] rises against you in judgment You shall condemn.

    We cannot fight this battle. Only God can. Unless the Lord builds the house….

    May God have mercy on us in the U.S.A.

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