Biden Hobnobs With Admitted Coke Head And Dope Smoker

Yesterday, the big headline was that Mitt Romney was holding a rally at the fruit and vegetable stand of a convicted drug dealer. Of course, the person in question, Reinaldo Bermudez, went to prison for his crimes and has been clean ever since he got out in 2000.

Fair is fair. If liberal blogs and news outlets are going to smear Romney because he once stood within a few feet of a convicted drug smuggler, then we must also throw light on the activities of Vice President Joe Biden, who regularly hobnobs with a man who is an admitted coke head and dope smoker:

Biden hobnobs with coke head and dope smoker

Details are sketchy as to when–or even if–the person in question quit his drug-taking ways. He claims that he stopped some time ago, but his actions suggest otherwise. Then again, given the nature of his drug use and the manifold lies he has told in his own autobiography and past political campaigns, anything he might say about his drug habit should be taken with a grain of salt.

Despite this man’s disreputable character, Biden still hangs with him. Biden should be held to account for this. What is our Vice President doing associating with a man who was–or is–a habitual drug user?

Regarding blogs, reporters, or political operatives trying to smear Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan, whatever you claim these men have done, your own candidate is guilty of the same thing two or three times over. If you choose to go down this road, you should expect that Obama’s guilt will be pointed out and that your lies and the hypocrisy will be exposed.

The choice is really up to you, then. Are you going to allow this campaign to be about the issues, or are you content to act like monkeys in a zoo, slinging crap at each other?

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