“Dishonorable Disclosures” (Video)

Many who work in covert intelligence or who are with the special forces of the US are furious with Barack Obama and his administration for falsely taking credit for ridding the world of Osama Bin Laden, and for the constant stream of national security leaks flowing from the White House, which are designed to help Obama in his reelection bid, even at the cost of the lives of US soldiers and national security.

Some of these people have now banded together and put out this video, exposing how Obama has been politicizing their efforts for short-term political gain, and to our nations’ harm. This video is more than twenty minutes long, so set aside some time to watch it in full:

Liberal outlets are already characterizing this as an attempt to “Swift Boat” President Obama. Such a charge is ridiculous from the outset, as it assumes that John Kerry was telling the truth about his military service and that the many men who served with him–and contradicted his assertions–were lying. However, we know that, from his days with the Winter Soldier movement, Kerry never stopped lying about his involvement in Vietnam and the Vietnam War in general for his own political gain.

In the same way, given his constant stream of lies, the onus is on Obama to debunk what these men are saying. It is not a smear if it is true.

If Obama is really to be credited with the killing of bin Laden, then at a minimum he should be able to demonstrate that he was in the loop and actively engaged in the operation from the very beginning. However, even if this were true–and evidence shows that it is not–it would normally be considered unseemly for a president, who was busy that day playing golf in the safety and comfort of the US, to take sole credit for an operation where people in the field were risking their lives. The credit does not belong to Obama–it properly belongs to the men who serve. No previous president has ever taken personal credit for a military operation being conducted in the field.

If the White House is not responsible for these security leaks–and all evidence points to them–then it should welcome an investigation to clear itself. Yet, such an investigation has not been forthcoming.

Again, it is not a smear if it is true.

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