Why Todd Akin Must Go, And Why He Will Probably Stay

Though some conservatives and members of the tea party are defending him, Todd Akin must drop out of the race for the Missouri Senate seat. The reason is quite simple: He is an idiot.

Let us assume for a moment that he misspoke, and that somehow his comments about rape and abortion were reasonable, if seen in the proper light and context, and with suitable explanations. This is a stretch, but let’s give him this benefit of a doubt. Even if this were true–and it is not–then he is still an idiot. As a Senate candidate, he had to have known that people would ask about his views on social issues. He had months, if not years, to find a way to state his beliefs about rape and abortion in a clear, compassionate, and reasonable way. Yet, he came across as a complete kook. This is inexcusable. He now wants forgiveness for misspeaking. All right, he is forgiven. Now he should go home. People are forgiven everyday. This does not mean they are fit for high office.

Akin’s candidacy will only result in people who believe in the sanctity of life being held up to ridicule. If we stand beside him and support his candidacy, we might possibly win a Senate seat, but risk losing the presidency. This makes no sense at all.

Further, a man of his caliber–and by this I mean a man utterly devoid of sense–would only be a ticking time bomb. What will he say next? What other nutty nonsense of his would we have to stand by and defend? If, heaven forbid, he were to win this Senate seat, he would be a millstone around the neck of social conservatives for years to come. He would become to the nation the face of the pro-life movement. For this reason alone, he must be rejected, rebuked, and returned home. We cannot let a fool represent us and everything we hold dear.

Yet, I sincerely doubt that he will drop out. The reason is quite simple: He is an idiot. He will look at the latest push poll from PPP, showing that he can win the Senate seat, without bothering to look at the internals and see that the Democrat leaning PPP oversampled Republicans because they want him to stay in the race. He is the Democrat’s only chance of holding that Senate seat, and as an idiot he will probably be more than willing to play into their hands.

We can only hope he will somehow gain some sense.

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