China In 1932 (Film)

The Youtube page advertises this as a travelogue of Shanghai in 1932. Not quite. It begins with the arrival by boat at Shanghai, and then quickly moves to Beijing, with some shots of what looks to be boats on the Yangtze. Still, this video is a fascinating glimpse of an age that no longer exists.

The tori gate on the opening screen is odd, but not that unusual, as many westerners still get the Japanese and Chinese confused, even though they are two very different groups of people. The film calls China the “flowery kingdom”, but it did not have a king in 1932, and no flowers are seen in the film. Odd. The Bund in Shanghai looks pretty much the same now as it did then, though there is the addition of many other modern buildings in the background. Interestingly, while the dress and hairstyles of the people on the streets has radically changed since 1932, many of these same kinds of scenes are still common in China. Certainly, camels were not common in Shanghai, ever. However, we have heard many stories of camels being seen on the streets of Beijing before the War. They are well-suited to Beijing’s dry, northern continental climate.

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