Namba Parks, Osaka’s “Green” Mall

This is a photo of Namba Parks Mall in Osaka, Japan. The mall, designed by Jon Jerde, is meant to help combat the urban heat island effect and to bring some greenery to Osaka.

Namba Parks Mall, Osaka, JapanApparently, many people who visit the place think that it is no big deal, because the inside of the mall itself is not much different from many other shopping malls. What makes the mall different is the roof, but causal shoppers are unlikely to get a good view of it. Still, it looks like a wonderful place. Hopefully, this will become a trend of the future.

(H/T Rocket News 24)

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One Response to Namba Parks, Osaka’s “Green” Mall

  1. eihongo says:

    Hi! I have been there many times and whilst it is nice, it doesn’t look any different to most malls in Japan that’s true. But it certainly looks very interesting from above! I didn’t know that.
    Great shot!

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