More Shades Of 1979: Problems At Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant

According to,

The Three Mile Island nuclear generating plant automatically shut down at 2:20 p.m. today, according to a company spokesman.
Some steam was released to the atmosphere, creating a loud noise heard by area residents.
Operators are investigating the cause, he said.
The spokesman said there were no risks to public health.

That is pretty much exactly what they said in 1979, when the worst nuclear disaster in US history occurred.

For those who remember the Carter administration, it is de ja vu all over again.

Straight from 1981, here is Jimmy Buffet reflecting on those times in his song “Volcano”:

“I don’t know where I’m a gonna go when the volcano blow.”

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One Response to More Shades Of 1979: Problems At Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant

  1. donchute says:

    We need to put more attention and efforts into the US Nuclear energy program…If only a administration would tell the environmentalist wacko’s to take a chill-pill…The US energy development program needs to tap all of our natural resources and technologies…Drill for oil…Nat. Gas…Fracking…Clean Coal…and at the bottom of priorities [for now]…Wind…Solar…When Romney and a responsible Congress release US energy production potential we will rid ourselves of depending on enemy energy…create hundreds of thousands if not millions of new jobs [energy related and ripple effect jobs from energy production]…Gas prices will fall to pre Three Mile Island prices!…1st the green movement-environmentalist wacko’s who are mainly just a front for Commies-Progressives-Socialist-et al…need to be shown the hand and told to cllimb a tree and stay there!…I don’t know where the US is gonna go…if we don’t start NOW!…

    PLU from SSF

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