New Study Shows Childbirth Is Safer than Abortion

Via the Corner:

this month the Medical Science Monitorpublished a study by David Reardon and Priscilla K. Coleman which uses long-term data to demonstrate that childbirth is, in fact, safer than abortion. Reardon and Coleman used comprehensive public-health data from Denmark to analyze mortality rates for nearly half a million women who had their first pregnancies between 1980 and 2004. In their analysis, the authors held constant both the year of each woman’s pregnancy and the woman’s age at the time she became pregnant.
Overall, Reardon and Coleman found very strong evidence that giving birth is in fact safer than obtaining an abortion. The mortality rate for the women who gave birth was significantly lower than the mortality rate for women who obtained abortions. This finding was robust as it held true for every time period studied — from one year to ten years after the pregnancy. Overall, during the course of the entire study period, women who had early abortions had mortality rates that were almost 80 percent higher than women who carried their pregnancy to term. Interestingly, women who had late-term abortions had significantly higher mortality rates than those who had abortions earlier in pregnancy.

With Roe v Wade, the US Supreme Court allowed abortion to be regulated by the states after the first trimester, and outlawed after the third, unless it could be shown that the pregnancy or childbirth were dangerous to the health of the mother. After Roe v Wade, further court rulings held the mental health of the mother had to be taken into account as well as the physical health. Rulings like these effectively legalized abortion throughout pregnancy and took away the right of states to regulate it in any way.

The whole premise for all of this is assumption that abortion is always the safer option. But what if that premise is wrong? What if it is nearly always better, physically and emotionally, to give birth rather than abort? If so, the whole basis for legalizing abortion after the first trimester has been overturned. This is why the abortion industry fights so hard against studies such as the one above, and in fact why they have to be conducted overseas.

(Note that abortion is nearly always fatal to the child … nearly always.)

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