Real Interviews With Obama Supporters

Our last post had a fake video. Sadly, this video is real.

“Does it bother you that Obama is a Mormon, and Mitt Romney is black?”

Democracy can only survive with an informed electorate, but these people have no clue. If we are lucky, they will be too busy watch TV to bother voting.

(H/t Half-Baked Sourdough)

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6 Responses to Real Interviews With Obama Supporters

  1. bydesign001 says:

    Sad, indeed. Living in NYC, I am surrounded by thousands of clueless Obama supporters. Even worse, many family, work associates, neighbors, etc. was born into a Democratic family and it goes downhill from there. Love them but they all share the same fault.

    I thought to share the video with them, many of whom are considered “educated”, yada, yada, yada by posting it on their FB pages and via email but…………Not one of them will get it.

    Now THAT would be funny if it were not true.

    Thanks for re-posting.

  2. Reblogged this on Restore Liberty and commented:
    This shows how well the main stream media has done in keeping Americans un-informed.

  3. I agree with bydesign001 that this is “Sad, indeed.” I am often ‘visited’ by Obama Supporters, and it’s disgusting when they don’t even know who Harry Reid is. These people are exceptionally uninformed, clueless, and willfully ignorant.

  4. rightbill says:

    Reblogged this on Rightlinks Blog – Greece: Setting the standard for Democrats everywhere and commented:
    One guy says he will vote for McCain AND Obama… This is 2012, folks….

  5. Does it scare anyone else that people this stupid are aloowed to vote?

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