Why The Press Protects Obama So

In truth, I did not at all think that Barack Obama had a bad debate. As I said at the time, it seemed that he was just being himself. And as himself, he actually attempted to defend his policies and ideas without resorting to the straw man arguments and demagoguery that he normally uses. Did he misstate Romney’s positions and his own, and twist the facts? Yes, but not nearly as much as usual. He played it fairly straight, and did the best as he could under the circumstances.

Obama’s problem in the debate was threefold: He was defending policies and a record that cannot be defended; he is not nearly as good of a speaker or debater as people supposed; and, he does not have a very good temperament for being president, despite the fact that many, many people supported him because they thought he did. In short, people saw Obama for who he really is, and they did not like what they saw. Those who have been paying attention to politics should not at all have been surprised by his debate performance.

What is surprising is how many people have not been paying attention to what has been going on in their own country, and exactly how fragile Obama’s public image really is.

Until this week, I never understood why the press was so protective of Obama and so willing to promote him as somehow “unprecedented” in his greatness. Now I understand. With Obama it is all smoke and mirrors. Conservatives have known this for quite some time, but what is important is that the press knows it and has always known it. They know that once you peek behind the curtain, there is nothing–and no one–there. The press is entirely motivated by the fear that the curtain will be pulled back and the whole thing will be revealed as a sham. For this reason, they will tell any lie they can to support him, and go the extra mile to buttress his image and make him seem much greater, better, and more gifted than he actually is. They so desperately want their lies to be true. They want to believe–they want everyone to believe–in what they know does not exist.

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3 Responses to Why The Press Protects Obama So

  1. ryankane says:

    I agree with you fully, except Obama was completely overconfident that he would win. You should check out my recent blog post explaining this, http://externalpolitics.wordpress.com/. It’s the most recent one, entitled, “Our game changer.”

  2. I really believe that NC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and many others should be registered as PACs for Obama and the Democrats and they should have to report their spending to support their candidates.like all other PACs.

  3. Freedom, by the way says:

    Excellent post. I, too, was not surprised by Obama’s performance. It’s not an oversight that he has done very few press conferences. He is not good articulating on this feet without a prepared script. He never has been. And you are correct about not having a record to boast about!
    The press doesn’t want Americans to see that they, too, have no clothes.

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