Obama House Hunting In Hawaii For 2013

According to Jerome Corsi, Barack Obama is house hunting in Hawaii, but not for 2016–for 2013, on the presumption that he will lose the election.

As he reports in WND:

Very quietly, Obama’s chief financier, Penny Pritzker, has entered the Hawaii housing market to buy a retirement home for the president and his family that will be available not in 2016, but in January 2013 …
Pritzker, a wealthy Chicago business executive and heiress to the Hyatt Hotels fortune, served as national finance chairman for Obama’s 2008 campaign and is the co-chairman of his 2012 effort.
The source told WND that highly confidential internal polls conducted by the Obama campaign indicate Obama cannot win re-election, despite public surveys that show him in the lead.
“The public polls are mostly political,” the source argued. “Obama radicals want Romney supporters to feel discouraged and give up. Truth is that Romney’s winning.” …
Pritzker’s search for a developed property, suitable for occupancy four months from now, instead of property where a custom-designed estate might be built, is further indication that insiders believe Obama will not be re-elected …
DuJan at HillBuzz.org has been reporting that Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, who is currently living with the Obama family in the White House, has been bragging about moving to Hawaii.
“It was fun while it lasted,” HillBuzz.org quotes Robinson as saying, “but wait until you see the place they’re buying for Michelle and Barack!”

For what it is worth, this story is nearly a month old (we just became aware of it now), and it predates the recent poll meltdown. As we said a month ago, the polls were bunk, and they are still bunk now–Romney is doing much better than the public thinks. That Obama is hedging his bets by going house hunting shows the truth of this.

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