The House On The Highway (China)

A city in Zhejiang Province wanted to demolish a whole neighborhood in order to make way for a highway, and this home owner, Luo Baogen refused. This was the result.
house on highway, Zhejiang, ChinaAccording to ABC News,

Xiayangzhang village chief Chen Xuecai said in a telephone interview Friday that city planners decided that Luo’s village of 1,600 had to be moved for a new business district anchored by the train station. Chen said most families agreed to government-offered compensation in 2007.
Luo, 67, and a handful of neighbors in other parts of the new district are holding out for more …
Luo had just completed his house at a cost of about 600,000 yuan ($95,000) when the government first approached him with their standard offer of 220,000 ($35,000) to move out — which he refused, Chen said. The offer has since gone up to 260,000 yuan ($41,000).
“The Luo family is not rich,” Chen said, acknowledging that they can ill afford such a big loss on their home. “But the policy is what it is.”
The new road to the railroad station was completed in recent weeks, and has not yet been opened for traffic.
What is unusual in Luo’s case is that his house has been allowed to stand for so long. It is common for local authorities in China to take extreme measures, such as cutting off utilities or moving in to demolish when residents are out for the day.

Actually, sometimes the measures taken are much more extreme than this. The best hope that Luo has is publicity, so we need to give him as much as possible.

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