In an empire of lies, only a crazy man would speak the truth

Andrew Klavan tells us,

Leftists of good will … profess themselves appalled by what I’ll call the lack of decorum of right-wing commentators. Ann called someone a retard! Rush called someone a slut! Glenn or Sean called some radical a radical! Who says such awful things??? It doesn’t seem to matter to these lefties that Chris Matthews routinely slanders people as racist who are not; that Paul Krugman blames right wingers for violence they didn’t commit; that network news anchors attribute foul motives and actions to a peaceful and patriotic Tea Party while glorifying the violent and anti-semitic Occupy movement. These left-wing commentators may lie like dogs — but they have decorum! They don’t use words like retard and slut. They don’t raise their voices. You could invite them to dinner without embarrassing yourself.
In his novel Empire of Lies (which you can pick up while you’re buying If We Survive), the very wise and extraordinarily attractive author has one of his characters declare that, “In an empire of lies, only a crazy man would speak the truth.” The character then goes on to explain that the empire can then destroy the crazy man, not for the truth he speaks, but for doing the crazy things that crazy people do …
It’s easy to be calm and polite when you have the power to destroy the reputations of your enemies — it’s a lot tougher for the rebel brave enough to fight back.


Conservatives and Christians have to learn how to behave as a minority and gain credibility with the ruling class. Never mind the fact that many–or even most people–in the USA claim to uphold a conservative or Christian worldview. While this may be true, conservative and Christian views are no longer in ascendancy. Instead, these views have become objects of scorn and mockery. With this in mind, it is important to not play into the stereotypes, and learn how to speak fearlessly but cogently to those who despise us, even winning their approval and support.

Years of flakes, fruitcakes, and frauds have taken their toll on Christianity and conservatism.  We should have dealt with these people and put our house in order when we had the chance, but we let people like Robertson and Akin become our spokesmen, and now we are paying the price.

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