“Twelve Reasons Why I Voted Democratic”

12 Reasons why I voted Democratic(H/t Rightlinks Blog)

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2 Responses to “Twelve Reasons Why I Voted Democratic”

  1. lizp4 says:

    Whirrrrrrr….!! (That’s the sound of this prescient missive buzzing right over the heads of the people who SHOULD be ashamed that it applies to them. As if they could even tell.) Good thing words are cheap. Sure a lot of them being wasted these days.

  2. Zach Shot says:

    That is just to say in a sense, “Democratics should go to hell.” Really, it is reasons that are turning us backwards not forward. Forward in a cool great way, not forward in a ridiculous wierd way. Yeah lets make change (to the most extreme out of the ‘small’ percentage out there)!!! Reason why Obama is where he is, because of the votes- who are the votes. THe votes resembles the stupidity that lives on our own American country. Embarrassing. Sure, don’t believe it pro democrats- hopefully time will kick your words back in your mouth. This country is in for it.

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