How The End Will Come

There are many theories as to the end of the world. Some think that we will kill ourselves off in a fiery blaze of uranium-235. Others are worried of asteroids. Still others, worldwide flood.

After watching the 2012 election unfold, and American politics in general this last year, I have come to a different conclusion, however.

The end will come when the last family on earth with any degree of concern for this world becomes too lazy and indifferent to get off the sofa to change the channel when the batteries on the remote control run out, and too lazy to walk over to the kitchen to get beer and chips when they are hungry.

They will sit there, starving, watching white snow on the TV screen, until they succumb to indifference. And thus civilization will end.

People talk about this scandal or that scandal, this travesty or that travesty, but all of this is really just like complaining about the tea service on a train hurtling over a cliff to oblivion. Very few people really care about the tea service, or even the train for that matter. They are too busy looking out the window, enjoying the view of their impending doom, and pretending that nothing really matters but their own personal feeling of well-being.

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